Sepia Saturday – Wayback Witchcraft

I had grand plans for today’s Wayback Witchcraft Sepia Saturday post. First, after seeing hints of Autumn’s arrival today, it put me in a witchy mood, so I thought I’d pick a bunch of my old witchcraft themed shots to add to the fall feels. Then, after talking about my general editing process yesterday in my Feathered Friday post, I thought it would be wicked cool to breakdown how I do the Sepia thing (because as I discovered once I started, it’s not just popping on a filter and calling it a day).

The bad-ish news, is that I’ve completely run out of time to screencap and lay out how I Sepia-ed each shot, and I ended up with just five out of the dozen I originally picked. The good-ish news is that I ran short of time because I managed to get close to 300 NEW photos in our yard today! To be fair, I’ll be lucky if there’s a dozen usable shots (given my shaky body plus my propensity for taking nineteen million shots of the same thing with little adjustments to the exposure & angle), but still – it was nice to get back in the saddle, so to speak.

So the short & sweet version – to do the Sepia wash, I used the editing feature on PicMonkey, and also added the “Vignette” filter (used to be called “Dark Edges”) because I like how it adds to the old style atmosphere. I’ve included the original photos as well, so you can see the difference.

Also, for this particular post (and despite what I say in my footer about all my photos being taken with my Nikon), these were all shot between 2001 and 2015, so they were taken with my original Nikon 35mm camera (then I scanned the photographs), as well as my old Olympus digital camera.

One last quick thing – be sure to check out the latest Sepia post, called A Super Sepia Saturday/Sunday!! from hash tag host, @old-guy-photos. It’s from last week, but since this is a holiday weekend in the States, he might not put a new one up. If he does, I’ll edit in the new link. Oh, and happy Labor Day, everyone!

Now here are my Sepia Saturday Wayback Witchcraft!

Ostara 2001

Wayback Witchcraft
Sepia – Ostara 2001

2005 Prosperity Spell

Wayback Witchcraft
Sepia – 2005 Prosperity Spell

My cauldron, Summer 2012

Wayback Witchcraft
Sepia – My cauldron, Summer 2012

Amethyst, Moldavite, and Tiger Eye with cauldron and smudge bundle, May 2015

Wayback Witchcraft
Sepia – Amethyst, Moldavite, and Tiger Eye with cauldron and smudge bundle, May 2015

Book, athame, and pentacle, October 2015

Wayback Witchcraft
Sepia – Book, athame, and pentacle, October 2015


Happy Sepia Saturday!

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