Sepia Saturday – Five Flower Fotos

First, apologies to everyone for being way behind on my comments, replies, and the usual suspects I support on Steem. This month has been especially challenging, from the passing of my cousin Heather (who was part of the reason I had so many Throwback Thursday posts featuring my mother’s side of the family), to visiting Urgent Care not once, but twice because hubby got injured first at work (he got swarmed by yellow jackets and fell trying to escape them), then at home (during the horrendous thunderstorm on Wednesday, which knocked over his motorcycle and as he and our son tried to right it so it wouldn’t dump gasoline everywhere, he heard a pop in his right shoulder – diagnosis is probably a torn rotator cuff). However, despite it all, I’m doing my best to keep up with posting and engaging, so in keeping with that, I have another contribution to the Sepia Saturday hash tag on Steem – this time with Five Flower Fotos.

For the record, to get the effect, I used the editing feature on PicMonkey, and also added the “Vignette” filter (used to be called “Dark Edges”) because I thought it added to the old style atmosphere. And again like last couple of weeks, I decided to include the original, as well as the sepia-ed shot, to give a before & after comparison.

Speaking of medical issues, this week the hash tag host, @old-guy-photos won’t be participating, as he’s spent the better part of the week in the hospital. Check out his post, Hospital Life – Aint Dead Yet to see what’s up with him.

Now here are my Sepia Saturday Five Flower Fotos!


Five Flower Fotos
Common zinnia

Five Flower Fotos
Sepia Common zinnia

Five Flower Fotos
First Dandelions of the season

Five Flower Fotos
Sepia First Dandelions of the season

Five Flower Fotos
Pink Dahlia

Sepia Pink Dahlia

Rain soaked white violet

Sepia Rain soaked white violet

Rover Bellflower in the late afternoon sun

Sepia Rover Bellflower in the late afternoon sun


Happy Sepia Saturday!

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  1. I do like the sepia treatment of photos. The white violet is especially stunning. And well done for keeping on with the writing, photographing, and posting under testing circumstances. It is a challenge, but it is also an anchor in choppy waters.

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