Powering up for Hive Power Up Day, May 1st 2021

Rabbit rabbit! A new month also means another Hive Power Up Day on the Hive blockchain, and since I haven’t posted about it for a few months (Power Up Day that is, since I’m always going on about Hive…lol) I figured I’d do a quick post about it, even though NaBloPoMo/HiveBloPoMo is officially over. Oh, and speaking of, I plan to do a wrap-up post about Blog Posting Month some time in the coming week, after I’ve recovered from 30 days of daily posting!

Also because this is supposed to be quick, I’m going to resist the urge to over-explain everything for my WordPress & other non-crypto friends, and just stick to the basics. And those are…

Powering up $HIVE and $LEO Hive Power Up Day

Earlier today, I “powered up” 1,111.111 $HIVE to my account…

Hive Power Up Day, Hive power up
Hive power up

I also powered up 111.111 $LEO this month…
Hive Power Up Day, Leo power up
Leo power up


What does it mean to power up?

As I said in my post last November, it’s essentially taking Hive (a cryptocurrency) that you’ve either bought or earned, and investing (aka, staking, aka powering up) it, which then means you can’t sell/transfer it all for a minimum of 13 weeks. However, it does make your upvote (think of a Facebook “like” that has actual monetary value) bigger, and gives you a bigger say in the governance of the blockchain.

Same thing goes for Leo, which is another cryptocurrency that’s specific to one of the many different Hive communities (in this case, the @leofinance community on Hive, which focused on crypto & finance.

How much did it cost me?

Not a penny. While I have invested somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 USD over the almost four years I’ve been blockchain blogging, I haven’t had the chance to buy any Hive in forever. Every bit of Hive & Leo I powered up today came from content I created, or curation rewards from upvoting other people’s content.

How much is it worth?

Going by the prices around the time I powered up…

1,111.111 Hive (valued at 0.6374) = $708.22 USD

111.111 Leo (valued at 0.637 – funny, it’s not always so closely matched to Hive) = $70.78 USD

What do you get for powering up?

A bigger upvote. And more importantly, another spiffy @hivebuzz badge to add to my collection!

Hive Power Up Day HiveBuzz badges
Love seeing all these bees on my HiveBuzz page! Oh, and I took the screencap earlier – at the moment, the UTC time for May 1st is ticking down to the last 50 minutes or so.


That’s it for now! Happy Hive Power Up Day, everyone!


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