Power House Creatives Contest – These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

I’m back with another entry to the weekly Power House Creatives contest! The post that talks about all the details, put together by the ever awesomesauce (although sometimes evil) @zord189 is called PowerHouseCreatives Contest | These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things (Contest Details), but here’s the gist of it…

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

This week’s contest would be a fun one because it’s going to be all about your favourite things. It can be something you can’t live without or something you take pleasure in doing. It can be your personal diary or playing soccer with your friends. I know some of us obviously have ‘wine’ as their favourite thing. Eg. @jaynie. But I want to know yours.

What are the 3 favourite things of yours?

For this contest, you need to take a photo of your favourite thing be it an item or an action or a representation of it and tell us why this means something to you.

This contest is an internal contest for the Powerhousecreatives Community

Criterias :

1. Contest entries no less than 350 words.
2. You must take a photo of all 3 favourite things.
3. Think of a nice title for your post.
4. Remember to credit the photos/videos selected.
5. You must find 3 favourite things to share and talk about.


So now here’s my entry called, “Desktop Delights”

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

Desktop Delights

Like most people, I have a lot of favorite things. Like, A LOT! So when Zord said to only pick three, my brain was like…


Obviously, the first three things that sprang to mind were my kids. But then I realized I’d have to take pictures of them, and the logistics of that almost melted my brain again (and yes, they all live at home… 😂).

Then I considered all the other possibilities – books, food, drink, Marvel characters, swear words, people… so many possibilities! I mean, I even have a favorite kitchen spatula that I’ve used for close to 30 years (it was my late Nana’s and ironically it came into my possession because she was getting rid of it)!

As I sat at my desk, trying to figure out three things that were something I could photograph with relative ease, I started looking around at all of the dust and clutter little keepsakes scattered around, I thought, “Perfect! Three of my favorite things on my desk!”

It still took me an entire day to narrow it down to three.

Then the photographing turned into a bit more of a process than I thought. Since all three objects are all small, I had to find a way to get a decent closeup. I ended up using two of the homemade faux marble backdrops I have for my Tarot Tuesday posts, and placing them like a floor & wall (I know there’s a better, more technical sounding way to say it, but that’s the best my brain could do). As always, I used my Nikon (with the flash) and tripod. I was tempted to borrow the eldest’s professional lighting contraptions, but I think these shots turned out fairly decent without.

So without further ado, here they are!

My Favorite Things – Crow

My Favorite Things
Okay, technically this is a Raven figurine. But when hubby and the eldest gave it to me four years ago, all I could see was a crow. so that’s what I consider it – my own feathered muse. At the time, hubby told me something like, “This way when your crows aren’t around, you’ll still have someone to inspire you when you’re writing.”

My Favorite Things – Bluebird

My Favorite Things
I don’t have a clue how long I’ve owned this. All I remember is that my mother gave it to me when I was a teenager (maybe a bit younger), because it’s a Bluebird of Happiness figurine. Oh, and now thanks to searching for a link to explain the phrase, I’ve found that there’s an annual Bluebird of Happiness Day coming up in eleven days on September 24th!

At any rate, my mom knew how much I loved cobalt blue glass, and thought (rightly so) that I’d appreciate having this symbol of cheerfulness, and every time I look up and see it on my desk shelf (or sometimes on the bedroom window sill), it makes me smile.

My Favorite Things – DRD

My Favorite Things
For my one non-avian choice (which didn’t even occur to me until I started taking the pictures), this is a DRD action figure from the best and most frelling awesome television show in the universe – Farscape! When the show came out in 1999, it was the second show (Xena being the first) that I got involved with the online fandom. But this is the one, for me, that put the “fan” in “fanatic” (or is it the other way around? 😂

Suffice to say, I bought a number of action figures of the main characters, and one or two (if I recall correctly), came with these Diagnostic Repair Drones (don’t even get me started on the two seconds they legally had to refer to them as, “Darters” become some unspeakable entity had the audacity to claim copyright on, “Drones”). The larger figures were awkward to display on my desk, so most of them are still in packages. However these little guys symbolize the show so much for me that I even included them in the thumbnail graphic for my blog (which was also my social media avatar for years).

Oh, and the DRD clipart was created by my dear friend and fellow scaper, thinkum (who has an AMAZING Farscape site called, Snurchers). Speaking of websites, after co-creating the alt.tv.farscape newsgroup (remember those?), I also put together the frequently asked questions, which still resides on the web today at my site The Farscape FAQ.

See what I mean about fanatic? I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the bazillion favorite things on my desk, and thanks to Zord for once again giving us a wicked cool contest idea to work with!


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