NaBloPoMo and HiveBloPoMo Day Two – and I got nothin’!

Yep, the person who decided that doing #NaBloPoMo & #HiveBloPoMo this month would be a good idea, and downloaded a calendar page so I could plan my posts, is only on day two and already I got nothin’ to post!

Okay, maybe not nothing – I have bunches of folders of pictures I’ve taken over the past year that haven’t been touched ever since I pulled them off my camera. But that means spending a decent amount of time going through them, editing, then compiling them into a post with at least semi-coherent captions. Given that it’s almost 5pm in my neck of the woods (edited to add, now that I’m about to post this, it’s after 6pm), and I’m trying to get these posts up before 7pm my time (which gives me an hour before UTC time for the day ends), that’s not helpful at the moment.

In my defense, I’m currently doing a bunch of curation & new user onboarding stuff with the awesome Hive OCD community, as well as still going through all the #HivePUD stuff from yesterday (and getting ready to go through the results for the month). Plus, some offline stuff is happening with our perpetually-broken “new” car – all of which would probably make great post material if I had the time to sit down and write them!

So yes, for today, I’m “phoning it in” and offering a few words, and some old photos from my archives that, while edited, haven’t been posted before. I think I’ve mentioned that back a couple years ago, after I first got my new camera, I was taking a bazillion pictures each day, picking the best ones to edit, then at the end of the week I’d share the best of the lot. I’d then send the rest to our landlady (at her request) but didn’t bother sharing them anywhere else. Until now… LOL!

This particular group of photos is from the first week of April 2017, when Mother Nature decided to prank us with a Nor’easter on April 1st. Hope you enjoy, and I’m hoping to have the post I planned for today (which happens to be another example of Mother Nature saying, “April Fools”) out for tomorrow. If all goes well, it will have videos and everything! Please cross your fingers for me that I don’t have to say, I got nothin’ again!

I got nothin’ but these photos today 😂

Day Two and I got nothin'
1. April 1st, 2017 during the morning of the April Fools Nor’easter.

Day Two and I got nothin'
2. Mr Blue Jay surveying the snow the following day.

Day Two and I got nothin'
3. Sandy was less than thrilled with it.

Day Two and I got nothin'
4. Snowy sunrise

Day Two and I got nothin'
5. Angel the crow watching me watch him

Day Two and I got nothin'
6. I titled this “Hawk flyby” but now all these years later, I’m wondering if it’s actually a crow or turkey vulture… hmmmm…..

Day Two and I got nothin'
7. Canadian Geese back from their winter vacation.

Day Two and I got nothin'
8. Another snowy sunrise

Day Two and I got nothin'
9. Stripey clouds

Day Two and I got nothin'
10. Angel making some noise

Day Two and I got nothin'
11. Hen Party.


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