My Two Year Steemiversary & SteemPress News

I started thinking about this post earlier this month, when I realized my two year Steemiversary (otherwise known as two years on the Steem blockchain) was coming up on September 22nd, 2019. Yes, as in four days ago…


I can’t even say I forgot about it, thanks to this awesome reminder from @steemitboard on my latest Feathered Friday post

two year steemiversary September 22 2019

Much as I hate making excuses, I do have to trot out the phrase, “There’s a bunch of family stuff going on at the moment, which I can’t talk about because they aren’t my stories to tell, and don’t worry mom, nothing new” once again. Seems to be popping up in my posts quite a bit lately. 😜

And honestly, pretty much anything I wanted to say about my Steem journey so far, I covered in my post from a couple months ago, The Gratitude Challenge & My Steem Journey (Power House Creatives Contest entry).

That being said, I couldn’t let this opportunity to shout out about the Steem platform pass me by, especially since my favorite WordPress plugin, SteemPress, has such exciting news!

From the recent @steempress post. Onboarding the masses – SteemPress updated roadmap and growth strategy

Since the beginning, one of our goals has been to onboard many of the WordPress blogs and websites out there, which currently makes up 30% of the internet. To achieve this, it has been vital to not only provide a unique and compelling product, but also an onboarding process that is easy and effortless for the new users and their audiences, while also efficient and scalable for us. Next for growth to truly take off, is ensuring that more active users create a network effect that brings in more users at an exponential rate.

Accomplishing this has perhaps been the biggest challenges for all Steem apps. It is therefore what we have spent most of the last year trying to solve. We now finally believe that we have come up with our own workable solutions, and perhaps more importantly, brought them together as a complete product and growth strategy that makes sense both technically, financially and in terms of user experience.

I mentioned in my latest Tarot Tuesday post that I’d finally activated the two way comment system, so comments made on my Steem posts will also show up on my WordPress blog. Part of the reason I did so is to show all the engagement I get on my posts over there. The other part is because SteemPress made it possible to set up a guest Steem account, so anyone can comment and reply to Steem posts and comments.

Also from the aforementioned post

SteemPress now allow visitors of any of our user’s blogs to engage with the content and leave a comment on the blockchain without a Steem account. This is done through creating a new “guest account”, which we introduced in our most recent update. In short, visitors now only have to enter a display name, a password and an email to engage with content like they’re used to on any other site.

Another cool thing about it is that people visiting my WordPress blog can see how much the same post on Steem has earned…

The above is a small screencap from the WordPress comment section of my most recent Tarot Tuesday post. The number 10 on the left refers to how many comments there are (it should be double that, but I’m woefully behind on replying to comments), the number 72 shows how many people have upvoted (rewarded with Steem currency) or downvoted (removed some of the rewards, typically done for plagiarism and such), and the $5.48 is the approximate value in USD of the post.

On top of that, they now have a referral process in place, so existing Steemians like me who send people to sign up for Steem through the SteemPress website will get some Steem rewards. As if having more bloggers on the blockchain to interact with wasn’t rewarding enough! 😊

How. Frelling. Cool!

From their post, Steempress website, referral system, settings page and guest account claims

Anyone who makes a referral through our signup page will earn 10% of future rewards and payments done by the new user they refer. This means that with our current 15% benefactor rewards, a referred account will instead have 1.5% set to their referrer and 13.5% to SteemPress. Furthermore, once the upcoming subscription-based pro versions of SteemPress are launched, the referrers will also earn a passive 10% on their subscription fees.

We hope that this will excite people to go and search for bloggers or influencers who might want to start a blog and ask them directly if they have heard about Steem and if they would consider using SteemPress.

What that means in plain English is that SteemPress, like pretty much all the Steem apps (and there’s a ton of amazing ones out there) take a small percent of the post rewards when Steemians use it, while at the same time the apps typically (although not always) upvote those same posts.

So to break it down a bit more, if I had a WordPress blogger sign up with my referral link, and they posted something through the plugin that earned $10, they would get $8.50, SteemPress would get $1.35 and I would get $0.15. Anyone else posting with the plugin would also get $8.50 and SteemPress would get $1.50. Well, kinda – there’s also the Convergent Linear Rewards Curve to consider, and the EIP, and the ROI, and…

Wait, was that plain English?


See, that’s the thing that makes it tough to get people involved in crypto blogging – there are so many moving parts, and it can be confusing at best, and confounding at worst. That’s why I’m so excited about this SteemPress initiative – I’m hoping some of my WordPress blogging friends, now that they can dip their toes in the Steem waters by signing up through SteemPress, will be able to get a sense of how the whole thing works, and soon enough…


Last, but not least, here’s my referral link, for anyone of my WordPress friends who want to give it a go –

Oh, and one more last thing – I’m also putting together a Frequently Asked Questions post, to help point new WorPress blogging Steemians in the right direction, so please don’t hesitate to shout out with queries and/or concerns, and I’ll do my best to help suss out the answers.

Two Year Steemiversary

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