My #FreeWrite entry into the Power House Creatives Contest – The Write Practice

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last entered a Power House Creatives Contest, but I’m back with a submission! This one that the ever awesomesauce (although sometimes evil) @zord189 put together is called The Write Practice. Before I get started, here are the basic details about the contest…

The Write Practice

This week, you are given 5 short story ideas and you can choose any medium or method to tell your story. It can be in a form of a poem, a music mixtape, drawing, video or just the basic, pure writing. Whatever way you would like your work to be read/listen/seen.

Story Prompts :

1. You start receiving flowers and anonymous gifts. You don’t know who is sending them and the gifts begin to get stranger.
2. You go out for dinner and becomes attracted to the waiter or waitress.
3. Make a list of five things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to you.
4. Write about you being planet Earth for the first time.
5. You have always believed magic exists. You just didn’t know how close it really was.

Criterias :

1. Contest entries no less than 350 words. (If you’re writing a story)
2. You may use photos/illustrations to better tell your story.
3. You can also use another medium to tell your story. Example, painting, drawing, vlogging, poem, etc…
4. Think of a nice title for your entry post.
5. Remember to credit the photos selected.
6. You are to choose 1 or more story ideas given.
7. Write your best!


And even though the story prompts are excellent, I wanted to make this a twofer since I also haven’t done one of the @freewritehouse 5 minute free writes in forever, so I scrolled through @mariannewest‘s feed and immediately found this one…

Day 663: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday – Prompt: rat

…which I thought would fit perfectly with Zord’s prompt #2, “You go out for dinner and becomes attracted to the waiter or waitress.”

So now here’s my entry, which I’m calling, “Bedtime Story”

The Write Practice

Bedtime Story

“Daddy, Daddy! Tell us the story of how you and mommy met.”

“Okay, but then straight to sleep. Promise?”

Our six year old twin boys nodded their heads, then scampered into bed. I sat at the foot of the bed, tapped my finger on my chin, and asked, “Hmmm, now how does it start again?”

The boys said in unison, “Once upon a time!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Once upon a time, in a city not too far away, lived a handsome prince…hey, stop giggling… a prince who was looking for his princess. Then one day, the prince’s Uncle Benny, who owned a royal restaurant called, “The Dirty Spoon…”

“Ewwww!” the twins said in unison.

“…yeah, Uncle Benny’s talent was his truthfulness, definitely not his cooking. So one day Benny tells the young and handsome prince that a new maiden started working at the restaurant as a waitress, and that the prince should stop by sometime to say hello.”

“And you did!”

“I did. I sat at the special royal table Benny reserved for me, and pretty soon this beautiful woman walked over to my table and asked if I need to see a menu. She smiled at me, and I thought, “Wow, Benny – you weren’t kidding. She is pretty.”

“Then what?”

“So we started chatting a bit, and she seemed really nice and friendly, and obviously completely charmed by this prince.”


I chuckled. “Yeah, so anyway she went to fetch me a royal beverage, and when she came back, I noticed something moving on the floor near the kitchen door. I tried to play it cool, because I didn’t want to cause Uncle Benny any trouble, but then I noticed a tell tale reptilian tail disappear under the door. I knew I had to warn her before the ratties surprised her on the way back into the kitchen.

The twins nodded, “Bet they’d scare her.”

“I bet you’re right. So I told her I needed to tell her something, but she should put the beer down on the table first, so I could whisper it to her. She smiled at me, and probably thought I was going to give her my royal phone number, but when she got close, I said…”

The twins yelled, “THERE ARE RATS IN THE KITCHEN!”

I laughed again. “Not quite how I said it, but yes. And what did she do, boys?”

“She screamed!”

“Exactly, she screamed, and tried to run through me to get to the front door. It all happened so fast – one minute I was sitting there, next minute my royal butt is on the floor with a shattered beer mug next to me. Benny came running out of the kitchen and started yelling at her, she started crying, and before I knew it, I was between the two of them and gave Benny a royal scolding.”

“Good job, Daddy!”

“Thank you boys. Anyway, then I realized my left arm was bleeding pretty bad from the broken glass, so Benny called me a carriage…”


“…like I said, a royal carriage to bring me to the hospital to get it checked out.”

“Show us your arm!”

I put my left forearm out and rolled up my sleeve a bit, to show the boys the two jagged scars that formed a distinctive heart shape.

“Ooooo, owie.”

“It was definitely an owie boys, but the pretty waitress offered to go with me to make sure I was okay, so that helped a bit with the pain.”


“And when we got to the royal hospital, I told her I was fine and probably needed a few stitches, so she should just go home and relax after all the craziness. She gave me her phone number, and told me she owed me a replacement beer, and I should call her as soon as I felt better.”

“And that’s how you met mommy!”

“Exactly! She was the ER doctor who stitched up my arm, and managed to turn those nasty cuts into this wicked cool scar. Now time for bed, my little princes.”


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