My #FreeWrite entry into the Power House Creatives Contest – ISWMLES Blue & Round

First up, for those of you wondering, ISWMLES in front of Blue & Round stands for, “I Spy, With My Little Eye, Something…” because while it’s an awesomesauce contest, it’s too long to fit in my title! 😂

Here is my entry into the latest Power House Creatives Contest, put forth by the ever evil excellent @zord189. Before I get started, here are the basic deets on the contest…

The prompt – I spy with my little eye something….. Blue & Round!

Criteria :
1. Take a photo of something blue and round!
2. That photo must be taken recently, no more than 7 days old. (I trust you peeps on this)
3. Write about that object/person/etc
4. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knows, you might get curie or ocd ๐Ÿ™‚
5. Add a nice title to your entry.


And just like last week, I’m doing double duty and using a prompt from the @freewritehouse to kick start my muse. While I’m bending the rules slightly (since this prompt is over two weeks old)… oh wait, that’s right! According to @mariannewest


So keeping that in mind, I’m using this prompt from June 15th –

Day 602: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday – Prompt: show me the way home

Now without further ado, here is my photo, taken today (June 29th, 2019)…

Candle Holder, Blue & Round


…and I know you said you trusted us, @zord189, but’s here’s my proof-of-date…

Blue & Round, with my phone. 😊

… and finally my 5 minute Free Write for…

I Spy With My Little Eye Something… BLUE & ROUND!



He’d pictured this moment a thousand times in his head over the years – walking towards her door, the surprised look on her face that went from joyfulness to remembrance of past hurts in the blink of an eye, the speech he’d committed to heart about how he didn’t deserve a second chance – hell, if he were being honest, it was more like a hundredth chance – but he was hopeful she’d give it to him anyway.

What he never factored in was the door actually being partly open, with no sign of her inside. He figured if there ever were a sign he was being invited in, this was it. He moved into the room slowly, looking around at the familiar objects in this unfamiliar setting, and noticed a single burning candle in its usual spot in the center of their old coffee table.

He remembered the day he bought the pair for her, hand blown holders made from cobalt colored glass that matched the champagne glasses they’d toasted with at their wedding. He smiled at the memory for a moment, before the rest of it crept in and stole his happiness. The second holder, much like their relationship, disappeared on the same night in an explosion of fury and anquish many years ago.

Flashes came to him – raised voices, blinding pain, shards of brilliantly blue glass tumbling across the floor. Her tear-stained face, the tightness in his chest, the realization it was all slipping away…

He pushed those thoughts away and instead, marveled that here was the surviving one, carved with her usual runes for peace and healing, just as if no time had passed. He made the bold decision to sit on the couch and wait for her return, while contemplating the flicker of the flame, and trying to remember his speech that had disappeared from his mind as soon as he’d crossed the threshold.

A moment later, he heard footsteps in the hall. Faced with the reality of seeing her, he fled to the next room and waited in the shadows for her to come in. He didn’t want to frighten her with his sudden appearance on her couch. As she pushed the hall door open with her walker, it occurred to him that finding him on the couch would be far less upsetting than seeing him lurking in the darkness of her bedroom.

As he pondered a way to get out from between this rock and hard place, he watched the familiar grace with which she glided into the room. A former ballerina in another life, she never lost the ability to seemingly float instead of walk. Even her shuffling gait while pushing her wheeled walking frame looked like poetry in motion. His heart ached with an intense rush of longing for her. Why did he leave her all those years ago? Why didn’t he fight to stay with her?

“Well, after all, that’s what you’re here for right? Time to stop stalling. Might as well get this over with…”

He was about to step back into the room when he saw her freeze in place. She slowly turned to look at the candle, which had started flickering wildly as if a window had opened. After a moment, she said aloud to the room, “Is it you? Are you here?”

He breathed a sigh of relief and answered quietly, “Yes, my love. I’ve come back for you. If you’ll have me, that is.”

She turned and saw the outline of his form in the doorway and gasped while the metal frame clattered to the floor. After a moment, she breathed, “It really is you, isn’t it? You’ve come back for me after all this time?”

He crossed the room to her, and noticed the candle flame growing brighter.

“I have. I’m sorry it took so long for me to do it, but I’m here now.”

She smiled up at him, and said, “You never were very good at being on time.”

He chuckled. “No, you know me. Gotta take the scenic route.”

She stared at his face as if she wasn’t sure he was real. In turn, he took a long, measured look at her and realized how much older she was than he’d expected. But after a moment the crow’s feet, the bandana covering little wisps of grey hair, and the frail body faded away, and all he could see was the girl of sixteen he fell in love with all those years ago.

She looked into his eyes, and said, “It doesn’t matter. None of it matters. You’re here now.”

“I am. What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Show me the way home.”

She reached her arms around his waist, and nestled her head under his chin, He wrapped his arms around her, and promised he’d never let go of her again. He closed his eyes, so he didn’t see the candle flame as it turned brilliantly bright, then blinked out.

Spy With My Little Eye

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