My #FreeWrite entry into the Power House Creatives Contest – Bedtime Story

I’m back with another submission to the weekly PHC contest! The post that talks about all the details, put together by the ever awesomesauce (although sometimes evil) @zord189 is called PowerHouseCreatives Contest | Can You Read Me a Bedtime Story? (Contest Details). But here’s the gist of it…

Bedtime Story

For this week’s #powerhousecreatives contest, It will be cool to throw this challenge out to you guys to come up with your very own bedtime story! It must be family-friendly (of course), easy to understand for kids ages 8-12, and if you could throw in a few images to help the ‘kid in me’ understand your story better would be great!

Are you ready to unleash your wildest imagination?

PS : This contest is an internal contest created for Powerhousecreatives members only.

Criterias :

1. Contest entries no less than 350 words.
2. You may use photos/illustrations to better tell your story.
3. You can also use another medium to tell your story. Example, painting, drawing, nursery rhymes etc…
4. Think of a nice title that would attract the kid to read.
5. Remember to credit the photos selected.
6. It can be any genre. Example, adventure, comedy, rhymes…
7. The story must be written for ages 8-12.


Just like last week, I wanted to make this a twofer and also use one of the @freewritehouse 5 minute free writes prompts. Once again, I scrolled through @mariannewest‘s feed and immediately found this one…

Day 670: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday – Prompt: red curtain

Just to clarify, as someone last week remarked that I’d written a goodly amount for only 5 minutes, I do set a timer when I start writing, but I don’t stop when the timer goes off – I keep going until the end. What I like about doing the 5 minute timer is that it makes me put my butt in the chair and get the thing done.

So now here’s my entry – since last week I actually called my entry, “Bedtime Story” for this week I’m going with, “Queen Giphy and the HardFork Monster”

Bedtime Story

Queen Giphy and the HardFork Monster

One upon a time, not too long ago in the kingdom of Steemland, lived Her Royal Majesty Ghiphyllida Hodla (or Queen Giphy, as the Steemlandians liked to call her). She spent many happy years doing the things that royal people do, and and she shared those things on the royal interwebs. These special webs were spun by local spiders and maintained by the mysterious force of the bandwidth fairies.


One day, a villager from the outskirts of Steemland brought word of a monster called HardFork that was fast approaching Steemland. While there were some who welcomed the pending arrival of the creature, others felt otherwise and soon fear and dread spread through the village.

“It will take our food and bury us under mountains of posts made of cow patties,” cried some.

“It is our friend and doesn’t want to hurt us – in fact, it will help us all be nicer to each other,” answered others.

Queen Giphy was conflicted. She was loyal to her kingdom and had vowed to protect it. How could she figure out what to do?

“I know,” she said aloud to herself, as royal folk are wont to do, “I’ll ask the bandwidth fairies. They’ll know how to find out if this is good or evil!”


She went to her royal office and summoned the fairies with bribes of coffee and chocolate. The bandwidth fairies flew in, and dropped page after page on her royal desktop all about the HardFork Monster – stories about how it was created, what it had for super powers, and what its weaknesses were. After hours of reading, the queen was more confused than ever.


She picked up a page, “It says here that the HarkFork’s purpose is to create a New Steemland, free from trolls and evil corrupt bots, and we will see prosperity like never before.”

She picked up another, “And this one points out it will be taking some of the resources from the kingdom and sharing it out in different ways, in order to grow that prosperity. Bandwidth fae, what should I do?”

The frollick of fairies answered with one voice, “Will the HardFork monster approach even if you fight it, your majesty?”

The Queen held up another page and said, “Yes, that seems to be the one thing that everyone agrees on. No matter what happens, it will arrive at Steemland on the 27th day of this month.”

The fairies then murmured magically, “Then we recommend all Steemlandians band together to keep an eye on it, but attempt to treat it as friendly first. Time will tell the rest.”


“Is that possible? We are spread so far across the kingdom. How can we all come together?”

The fae began to shimmer away, but as they blinked out, they whispered cryptically, “…look behind the red curtain and you’ll see…”

“Wait, red curtain? What red curta…. oh, I know! I remember seeing something about that in the pages!” She quickly shuffled through, and after finding what she was looking for, set off in her royal carriage for the center of Steemland.

When she arrived, she quickly went to the address for the place called The Steem Engine Room. She pulled aside the red curtain over the front door, and once inside, she saw all kinds of new Steemlandian tribes had formed within, guided by all kinds of wicked smart developers wizards. Queen Giphy felt in her heart that even if the kingdom floundered for a bit, they would be able to overcome any obstacles, and together they would create a New Steem land.

And they all lived happily ever after on the moon. Yes, the moon! How did they get there? Well, that’s a story for another night…




Bedtime Story

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