My entry into the Power House Creatives Contest – 3 Wishes For Steem

Happy Sunday! Here is my entry into the latest Power House Creatives Contest, put forth by the ever awesomesauce @zord189, called 3 Wishes For Steem. Before I get started, here are the basic details about the contest…

Aladdin just got aired in the cinema recently and people were saying that Will Smith (The Genie) did a wonderful job. Now I would like to think of myself as a genie. Well, at least a #powerhousecreatives genie for once, to give you guys 3 wishes. But it’s not that simple, these 3 wishes have to be related or applied only for Steem.

Maybe you would like 1,000,000 Steempower? Or you would like Steem to grant you free food everytime you post an article? Anything crazy or something that you would like to happen if you had ‘3 wishes for Steem’.

Contest :

3 Wishes For Steem

Criteria :
1. You may use images/drawings to illustrate your story better.
2. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knows, you might get curie or ocd ๐Ÿ™‚
3. Add a nice title to your entry. (Extra points for nice titles)
4. Explain What is the wish for and Why. Of course more details would be better.


Also, before I get started, I wanted to mention that I created my blog graphic, as usual, over on Canva using a background created by simisi1 on Pixabay, tweaked a bit with some free clipart. 😊

Now, here’s my entry, which I’m calling, “A-zord-din and the Magic Lamp”

3 Wishes For Steem

A-zord-din and the Magic Lamp


The strangest thing happened to me the other day! I was hanging out in the Power House Creatives Discord general chat room, and realized @jaynie had outdone herself with her latest decor change (something she does on a regular basis, because she likes keeping things fresh to help inspire our creativity). The whole room was decorated like a scene out of Aladdin – shimmery, multicolored curtains, gorgeous mixed print rugs scattered about, and lots and lots of super plush pillows strewn around the room.

I’d just gotten myself settled in on the couch with a cool blue magical looking drink from the always well stocked Wine & Stuff bar area (leave it to @jaynie to also have themed drinks!), when @zord189 marched into the room.


…he looked a little different than usual. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it though…


I noticed he was also carrying what looked to be a lamp, and I figured he was adding some extra touches to Jaynie’s design. He placed it on the coffee table in front of me and asked, “Do you know what that is?”

“Yeppers, that’s a wicked cool prop find! It goes perfect with the whole Aladdin thing going on.”

He glared at me in a very un-Zord-like fashion and said haughtily, “It is not a mere prop. It is an authentic, genuine, magic lamp. It has the ability to grant 3 Wishes For Steem… as long as the wisher is worthy…”

“HA! That’s a good one. Given that I’ve been on Santa’s naughty list since before I was born, and I have a special seat reserved for me in that very warm afterlife locale, I doubt very much I’m worthy. But how would you know?”

“You ask for your three wishes, rub the lamp, and the Crypto-genie will decide if they should be granted.”

“Okay, I’m down for that! And I know exactly what my first wish is, since it’s something I’ve been talking about forever. I wish for a Star Trek style transport, so I can go visit all my Steem friends, and they can come visit me!


He rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything, so I continued.

“Then for my second wish, I wish there was some kind of Steem fairy god whale, so that once a day or something, you could wave a cyber wand at a friend’s post for big, anonymous upvote. You couldn’t tell them it was you who requested it, and you couldn’t do it for any of your alt accounts or anything, but you could get those amazeballs posts the attention they deserve.


This time, Zord looked downright annoyed, but still didn’t say anything, so I figured I should just keep going on.

“Last, for my third wish, I wish for a developer to figure out how to blend the good things about other social media into the blockchain, so that everyone can leave F#c#book and the like forever, and we can all hang out here in Cryptoland together.


With that, Zord became enraged! “No, you FOOL! You’re supposed to wish for something selfish, like a bazillion Steem Power, or huge upvotes for life from some whale, not for something that helps the blockchain succeed! Because it never will! Steem is doomed to fail because the only people on it are scammers and spammers, and no one will ever trust it because it’s crypto and everyone knows that’s not a real thing, and your greedy wishes were going to prove my point so I could blast Steem into oblivion with my magic lamp! But instead, I will destroy this bringer of wishes so that none of your ridiculous entreaties will come to pass!”

He grabbed the lamp from the table, held it high over his head, and just as he was about to smash it into the ground, the real @zord189 wandered in, and said, “Hey guys! How’s things… wait, what the…”

In the blink of an eye (and in a remarkable superhero type of way), Zord lept over to fake Zord, knocked the lamp out of his hands and sent it tumbling over towards me. He shouted, “QUICK! Make your wishes before it’s too late!”

I reached for the lamp, when suddenly….


3 Wishes For Steem

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