Moon Monday – Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021

Happy Moon Monday! As I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago, the night of the full moon was bitter cold and wicked cloudy. Added to that bit of loveliness was the ongoing issue with my camera battery dying after about a dozen shots, which meant I’d go outside and snap until my Nikon declared it was “exhausted” then go back in to charge it whilst I warmed up. However, my stubbornness persistence paid off with just under fifty total shots (with fifteen post worthy pictures) of the Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021. For my astrology loving friends, this was also a Leo Full Moon – what an awesome combo for the first full moon of the year!

I managed to get outside the following night as well, which was less cloudy (but just as bone chilling) and took closer to seventy shots over the course of the evening, so I’ll share some of those for next week’s Moon Monday.

As for my battery issues, I believe it’s been resolved after my husband got tired of me being wishy washy about getting a new battery decided to research and purchase not one, but two replacement batteries that also came with a charger (he found an awesome deal on Amazon). And I say “believe” because I haven’t tried them with my camera yet and I don’t want to jinx anything…lol

Also, these aren’t filtered in any way. I’ve just reduced the file size, and in some cases tweaked the exposure and/or sharpness a bit. The difference in the color of the moon comes from zooming in and out, and bumping the exposure up and down, not from tinting it (yet I’m still amazed, even after a number of years snapping La Luna, that she sometimes looks rose or amber colored). And as always, these were taken with my my Nikon affixed to my tripod), in my Durham New Hampshire yard between 7pm and 10pm Thursday night.

Now on to the photos!

Full Wolf Moon in Leo on January 28th 2021


Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
1. I’d actually gone out in the yard with our dog Sandy about 3 minutes before this picture and was wicked psyched to see the moon coming up behind the trees – beautiful, big, and completely free of clouds. In the time it took me to go inside to grab my camera, this happened. But the sky still looked beautiful, even covered with clouds.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
2. Later when the moon was above the trees ( while you can’t really see it in this shot it was just above the tallest tree, second from the left), it was so bright out that the snow covered boulders at the edge of the property almost look like they would during a stormy afternoon.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
3. Just starting to peek out in the almost dead center of the picture.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
4. After a moment of staring at that tiny clearing in the clouds, she finally appeared! I was so excited I didn’t center the shot the way I usually do, but I think it came out cool nonetheless.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
5. Centered and with a cool rose glow (the result of the exposure – it didn’t look this pink in the sky).

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
6. And when I zoom out a little, the pink goes away. There’s something else cool I noticed about this shot, but I don’t want to give it away other than to ask – do you see what I see just below the moon to the right?

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
7. Fewer clouds,, more pink.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
8. Zoomed out again and managed a decently clear shot despite the cool-looking-yet-annoying cloud cover.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
9. I suddenly feel like I’m being watched…lol

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
10. Even moreso when I zoom out more.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
11. Not the clearest shot I’ve ever gotten, but I like how it almost looks like a lunar eclipse moving in from the right.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
12. An almost total cloud eclipse of the moon – the dark and the pink hue make it look like an entirely different planet.

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
13. While the opening in the clouds seems fairly good sized here…

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
14. … when I zoom out, you can see how small it actually was. And again with not wanting to give any hints, but I saw something again (what my husband & I refer to as “optical delusions”) in the patterns of the clouds… do you see it too?

Full Wolf Moon on January 28th 2021
15. This was the final picture before my battery died for the final time that evening. However given the beautiful show La Luna put on despite the cold & clouds, I really don’t feel I can complain that it ended before I could get my usual couple hundred shots. 😂



Happy Moon Monday!


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