Moon Monday – Full Moons in 2018

Happy Moon Monday! What the hezmana is that, you say? Well, for the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing some moon pictures, and it’s always on Mondays! Today, I’m sharing my Full Moons in 2018.

I started taking pictures of the full moon every month back in March 2015, and even on those months I couldn’t get a shot the night of, most times I got photos the night before and/or after. I figured this hash tag would be a good excuse to share some of the millions of captures I have.

Also, all of these shots were taken with my Nikon (which I talk about in this post) whilst making use of my handy dandy tripod.

Full Moons in 2018!

Full Moons in 2018
1. January – we had a snow storm, so I’m using a picture from March as a stand in

Full Moons in 2018
2. February – actually, because of quirk, there was no full moon in February, so using another March shot as a stand in

Full Moons in 2018
3. March

4. April

5. May

6. June

7. July

8. August

9. September

10. October

11. November – I don’t quite remember why I didn’t get any captures in November, but I have this October moon in its place

12. December – this time, just like we started the year with a full moon snow storm, I’m pretty sure the same happened again. Again, here’s an October replacement.



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  1. Lovely photos, Tracy! It was a bizarre time noticing how the month of February went full moonless. I have some ideas about why that is. Glad you had a couple of stand-ins for February and November. You ace moon gazing, in my opinion!

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