Moon Monday – 26 Shots of the Full Hunter’s Moon, October 13th, 2019 Part Two

Happy Moon Monday! What the hezmana is that, you say? Well since June of this year, I’ve been sharing some of my moon pictures and it’s always on Mondays! Today, after a month long delay, I have part two of the Full Hunter’s Moon on October 13th, 2019, with 26 more shots (out of the 124 I took).

The weather for tomorrow night’s Full Mourning Moon doesn’t look promising, and getting out tonight might not be possible either (depending on when the rain starts and stops), but I’m hoping to have more new shots of some sort for next Monday. Fingers crossed! I didn’t feel the need to caption a large majority of the photos (“moon and trees” gets a bit old…lol), but there were a few I expounded upon.

Also for the record, the only editing I did to these was reducing the size of each. The difference in color and such are from changing the exposure as I was shooting, not from filtering after the fact. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – just wanted to clarify, in case anyone was wondering. All of these were taken with my my Nikon (which has an amazeballs built in zoom) which was affixed to my tripod, in my Durham NH yard.

Last thing – this are in the order I shot them in, over the course of two trips outside. The first group started at around 9:45pm and ended around 10:15pm. The second was a quick 5 minute step outside to catch the magical fog at 2am. Some of the captures are somewhat similar, with only a difference in exposure or distance. I blame La Luna’s amazing display, even with the clouds and foggy night air, for making it hard to narrow down my choices!

Now for part two of my shots of the Full Hunter’s Moon


1.This shot was taken less than a minute after the final shot from my previous post.





6. This one was actually a “mistake” – my tremoring hand decided to snap the picture before I’d framed it properly. However, I thought the orbs gave it a magical touch, so I decided it wasn’t such a mistake after all!


8. Something about the leaves shadowed against the moon bright sky struck me as magical too.












20. All of the shots from here were taken at 2am. We were heading to bed, but I saw how beautifully foggy it was out, and decided to grab just a few more shots…






26. …okay, that was more than a few, but as I said, La Luna was in fine form, so it was hard to stop snapping!


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