Moon Monday – 24 Shots of the Full Harvest Moon, September 14th, 2019

Happy Moon Monday! What the hezmana is that, you say? Well since June of this year, I’ve been sharing some of my moon pictures and it’s always on Mondays! Today I have 24 brand new shots that I took on Saturday of the Full Harvest Moon.

While there were some places that saw the full moon on lucky Friday the 13th, in my neck of the woods it turned full just after midnight. I’d planned to be outside with my camera just before and just after – however, by the time Friday night was winding down into Saturday, I was actually already in bed (yes, a rare occurrence for me).

I was a little concerned early Saturday evening, since the skies were so cloudy here, but by around 11pm, the overcast sky cleared and I was able to get in some good quality time with La Luna.

And as I said last week, while I usually enjoy writing long, rambling captions to my photos, I have a hard time doing that with moon shots. Partly because there’s only so many times I can say, “Moon behind the trees” but also because I’d like people to see their own thing in the pictures, without any input from me. I think these are best viewed with silence on my part.

Oh, and for the record, the only editing I did to these was reducing the size of each. The difference in color and such are from changing the exposure as I was shooting, not from filtering after the fact. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just wanted to mention it.

One last thing before I get to my pictures – I wanted to show off my new blog signature, made for me by the wicked talented @zord189. This is just one of the many variations he offers – in fact, the reason it took me so long to finally order one from him is because he has so many cool choices, and I couldn’t make up my mind! 😂

Here it is!

For those of you on the Steem blockchain who might be interested in getting one of your own, I highly recommend it! Zord was awesome to work with, and I’m so happy I finally decided to do it! Check out his posts HERE and HERE for more info.

Now for my shots of the Full Harvest Moon


Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon












24. Okay, one caption, because this one needs a little explanation. While it’s not a new thing, lately I’ve seen a number of photos on social media with people creatively “capturing” the moon with their hands, head, etc. I decided to give it a go with this Full Harvest Moon, and it was SO much harder than I thought! Even though I was having a relatively quiet tremor day, out of a dozen or so shots, this is the only one that I felt was even close to presentable. Definitely something I need to practice more in the future, but I had fun doing it, so I can’t complain (though it doesn’t mean I won’t…LOL!).


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  1. Awesome shots. I love your little capture pose with the pixie orbs there. Way to capture all the love in pixel dots!

    I also needed the urban dictionary, by the way. Hahah

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