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Given how the calendar has played out, today, I’m doing a Witchy Microblog Monday post. Lammas falls on August 1st, which I wrote about last week (click HERE to check it out), and tomorrow is the Dark/New Moon in Leo (my favorite sign). First, a little info about the Dark Moon, from someone more well-versed in astrology than myself.

From Forever Conscious, a snippet of the article Intuitive Astrology: August New Moon 2016 by Tanaaz

On August 2, 2016 the New Moon will fall in the heart-centred, courageous sign of Leo. We are all in a need of an energy boost, and this Leo New Moon is going to energise our soul and our heart centre so we can move forward with courage, grace and ease. The theme of this New Moon is fun and creativity, which is very different from all the heavy releasing work that the previous months have had in store for us. Creativity isn’t just limited to artists. We all have the potential to create, and therefore we all have the potential for creativity. With the help of this Leo New Moon, anything that we want to create for ourselves is now possible.

In fact, by putting some conscious effort into an area of your life that you want to revamp or revitalise, you will start to shape and create the tone for the rest of August. New Moon’s signify a time of new beginnings and if you tune into the hum of your soul, you will be able to intuit where this new beginning is going to lead you. With a lot of heavy cleansing work now in the past and this new wave of creative, fun energy entering our lives, there really is nothing that we can’t do. Leo is the sign of courage, entertainment and leadership. It is also a fiery sign that craves stability, routine and order. By combining these energies, you can help pave the way and set an intention for an area of your life that you would like to have more courage in.

Where do you desire to be the king of your jungle? Where could you use more courage? Where could you use more fun in your life?

Now, the graphic I created for the occasion. Happy Lammas, and Bright Dark Moon blessings!

Dark Moon in Leo, August 2016

Dark / New Moon in Leo. August 2nd, 2016 at 4:44pm EST. Leo is a fire sign, with highly creative, enthusiastic, and charismatic energies. Magical workings include – new beginnings, creativity, acknowledging self-worth, appreciation of self, generosity, affection, new love, leadership. However, adding this to satisfy SEO readability. Furthermore, adding Witchy Microblog Monday as well. In addition, Witchy Microblog Monday as well. As a result, more of the same. Especially relevant, this is a Witchy Microblog Monday.

Witchy Microblog Monday #MicroblogMondays
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  1. My biggest block to my creativity (and probably a lot of people’s) has always been the good old dependable “procrastination” fueled by the fear that the well of creativity may one day dry up forever… and that this might be the day. The courage is in just keeping to my work schedule. The rest does whatever it’s supposed to do. Always interested in words about the universal energies around us. Thanks for the inspiring thoughts Traci.!

    1. You’re very welcome, Lori – happy to hear you found them inspiring! I can totally relate to your block – still struggling with it here and there myself. But the more I keep on, keepin’ on, the better it gets.

  2. Happy Lammas! And oh yes, a boost of energy would be very much welcome, even though I’m still in summer mode. (It’s August though, and August means prep time for September… so uh, bring on the creative energy!)

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