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Last week, I felt like a real writer. This week, even though a kind journalist quoted me in an article about NaNoWriMo, I’m back to feeling like I’m writing nonsense.

Thankfully, this appeared in my NaNoMail (this is only the beginning – click on the link to read the rest of his wise words) –

Pep Talk from Neil Gaiman

By now you’re probably ready to give up. You’re past that first fine furious rapture when every character and idea is new and entertaining. You’re not yet at the momentous downhill slide to the end, when words and images tumble out of your head sometimes faster than you can get them down on paper. You’re in the middle, a little past the half-way point. The glamour has faded, the magic has gone, your back hurts from all the typing, your family, friends and random email acquaintances have gone from being encouraging or at least accepting to now complaining that they never see you any more—and that even when they do you’re preoccupied and no fun. You don’t know why you started your novel, you no longer remember why you imagined that anyone would want to read it, and you’re pretty sure that even if you finish it it won’t have been worth the time or energy and every time you stop long enough to compare it to the thing that you had in your head when you began—a glittering, brilliant, wonderful novel, in which every word spits fire and burns, a book as good or better than the best book you ever read—it falls so painfully short that you’re pretty sure that it would be a mercy simply to delete the whole thing.

Welcome to the club.

That’s how novels get written.

Time to get my word count back on track. Happy writing, all!

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    1. I hope you do give it a shot, Jess – it’s a grand time. I’m almost caught up on my word count, and still on track to finish on the 29th (my goal, since I’ll be busy the 30th). Thanks for stopping by!

  1. That is exactly how I feel. 13 thousand bloody words and now I am like, why would someone want to read it? This is trash!!! Sigh… like the man says, this is how Novels get written 🙂

    How is it going for you Traci? Do you wanna connect as NaNo buddies?

    1. Agreed, anks – and I was completely surprised when I reread last year’s NaNo and didn’t completely hate it! 😀

      I’m hit 23,325 words tonight, and I’m hoping to get in some word sprints at the end of the week to get caught up to where I should be for the month. I saw your buddy connection come through when I was updating my count, and I’ve “buddied” you as well. 13 thousand is very respectable, and (if my math is correct) it would only take 2,850 per day to get you across the finish line. Totally doable! Keep up the good work!

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