MM – Nothing to conceal

If you haven’t guessed by now, the little widget on the side of my blog called, “Featured YouTube Channel” links to my eldest’s amazing videos (no, I’m not at all biased – she really is supremely talented). A few days ago, she uploaded one called, “My Dad Does My Makeup!” When I watched it, there was one particular moment that struck me right in the feels –

Hubby with a tube of concealer in hand, examines eldest’s face –

“Trying to see what I’m supposed to conceal.”

Looks around some more –

I don’t see anything to conceal.

My heart. Have I said lately how much I love my hubby? Yeah, I probably have, but it’s definitely worth repeating. The three extraordinary people we are raising are a reflection of what an incredible father he is.

By the way, she got 20 likes in record time! If that little moment above made your heart grow three sizes, feel free to pop over to her channel and add another one. Oh, and be sure to subscribe when you’re there – some time in the very near future, she’ll be doing his makeover. When we were shopping yesterday, they took off to the makeup department, and picked out a foundation for him… *grin*

Daughter & Daddy, 1997
Daughter & Daddy, 1997

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