Musing Monday – New year, new look

I credit my father for my ability to code. Granted, Iโ€™m no wizard at it, but I have enough knowledge to get by, thanks to being introduced to MBasic back in the day by Dad, who figured out how create programs and databases and encouraged me to do the same.

No big surprise that when Iโ€™m breaking… err, I mean, updating my blog structure, he pops in my head. As I struggle to figure out where to paste my short code, I imagine he’s sitting next to me. I remind him of the amazement we shared when we first discovered computer gaming – if I recall correctly, Adventureland and a form of Space Invaders were two of the first games we were awed by. Then, when I hop on World of Warcraft to clear my head after pounding it on the keyboard a few times, I whisper to my semi-imaginary father, “Remember when we thought Myst was the end-all, be-all of computer game technology? If only you could quest with me now.”

Okay, enough of the meandering, maudlin monologue – the point is, I’m toying with a new blog layout design. I’m still not completely happy with how it looks, or how it flows, but it’s a start. Feel free to shout out in the comments, or via email, and let me know what you think. I’ll be here, wondering where the heck I put that template… *sigh*

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