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Now that I can faintly see the NaNo finish line shimmering in the distance, I figured I’d share this short, mostly unedited blurb from the start of “Aground.” Context – Maeve and Jack are on vacation, and Maeve has misplaced her amber, ghost repelling necklace.

Also, for those of you who were interested in my free Tarot Card Reading post, I plan to do another one on December 3rd.

NaNo - Aground

Funny guy.” I went over and sat on the bed, and tried to mentally retrace my steps since we’d arrived. Jack gave me a look, so I filled him in on the joy that had been the last five minutes of my life.

“Really? That’s weird – you never lose track of your amber necklace. Well, other than that one time in the car … oh, and that one time at your mother’s apartment … and how could I forget, the time it fell off in the grocery store …“ Jack looked at me completely straight faced, and I couldn’t help it – I burst into laughter, followed quickly by tears.

“Oh, hon, I’m sorry.” Jack quickly came over and hugged me, then started poking my side, which I hated because it tickled so much, but I couldn’t help laughing even though it aggravated me.

“Cut it out! I’m laughing, crying, and angry all at the same time. You’re going to make my brain explode.”

“Yeah, but I’m distracting you. That’s a good thing, right?” Jack grinned, but stopped poking my ribs. I stood up in mock anger, and started to walk away from the bed.

And stepped directly on my necklace.

I didn’t hear the crunch as much as I felt it to my very soul.

It took Jack a second to put the crunch sound, my ashen face, and my missing necklace together, but as soon as he did, his face went almost as pale as mine (which is saying something, considering Jack just had to think about the sun to get a gorgeous tan).

“Oh babe.” He said quietly.

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  1. Love it! What a poignant moment of loss, so much more than a necklace. In such a short excerpt I have such a sense of your characters. I’m glad the end is near for the challenge, it sounds like you are rocking out on NaNoWriMo.

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