MM – Happy birthday baby

Happy birthday baby! Fifteen years ago today, our youngest arrived –

March, 2000
March 2000

This is the most recent picture of her, taken a few minutes ago, as she and her older sister got ready to head out for some birthday shopping –

2015 March Ciara and Cailli
March 2015

I know it sound cliche, but I’d swear those two photos were taken about five minutes apart.

I decided to go through the folders on my computer, and find 15 pictures of her over the years that show the evolution of this amazing girl who is such a bright light in our lives. This is what I narrowed it down to –

Happy birthday baby 2004, Summer Ciara
Summer 2004
2004, Fall Ciara
Fall 2004
2005, Ciara and Mommy
Ciara and Mommy, 2005
2006 Ciara and Nanny
Ciara and Nanny, March 2006
2006 Ciara and Sid
Ciara and Sid, Summer 2006
2008, April Ciara
April 2008
2008, July Ciara
July 2008
2008, July camping Ciara
July 2008, camping
2011, July Ciara
July, 2011
2012 Camper anime eyes
2012, Anime eyes
2012 Ciara, Cailli, Tristan
Ciara, Cailli, Tristan, 2012
2012 Ciara
New haircut, 2012
2013 October, Ciara and Daddy
Ciara and Daddy, October 2013
2015 January Ciara
January 2015, Retro makeover
2015 Ciara
New bangs, February 2015

Happy birthday, baby (yes, you’ll forever be our baby, even when you’re sixty, and Daddy and I are… older than sixty… *grin*). Thank you for sharing your artistic, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, quick-witted, silly, architectural, girly, retro, empathetic, loving, compassionate, beautiful, imaginative, creative self with us. Love you!

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  1. I like the one with Sid (and not just because there’s a monkey in the shot!). Hard to believe this is the same girl who had spaghetti in her hair when I first came over to meet her. *grin* She’s turned into a lovely young woman!

    1. LOL! I’m pretty sure I have one or two (million) shots of her with various foods in her hair, but they’re still in old school hard copy form. And thank you – I might be a bit biased, but I agree. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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