MM – Got it covered

My poor computer isn’t feeling well today. She’s got some kind of grumbly in her tumbly, and hubby is currently tending to her. So for today’s Musing Monday (brought to you by hubby’s laptop), I got it covered – aka, I figured I’d share the mock-ups I did for four of my book covers, and the original pictures I took in the 1980s.

All of these were snapped by yours truly, on Shore Road in Magnolia, MA.

My cover for Wrecked (unpublished, 2011) –

Covered - Wrecked

The original –

Wrecked - full picture

My cover for Submerged (unpublished, 2012) –


The original –

Submerged - full picture

My cover for Breached (unpublished, 2013) –


The original –

Breached - full picture

And finally, my cover for Stowed (unpublished, 2014) –


The original –

Stowed- full picture

Now I’m off to check on the patient. Happy Monday to all!

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  1. Pretty pictures!!! (Are you really up to four books, now? Fantastic!)

    Hope your computer is feeling much healthier today.

    1. Thanks, thinky! I’m actually up to five and a half – my original Tangled Web (the one with the Harper Collins review) and a half written sequel called Net Damages. I’m hoping this is the year I finally get one in print.:)

      Yes, my girl is tons better today – she has a brand new (to her) power supply, and is running much quieter this morning. Hope you’re staying warm!

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