MM – GNU Terry Pratchett

We lost Sir Terry Pratchett last week.

Pratchett quote courtesy of Goodreads
Pratchett quote courtesy of Goodreads

Today, I saw the following article in my Facebook newsfeed –

Terry Pratchett will ‘live on in the clacks’ thanks to fans’ programming code

I’ve now installed the GNU Terry Pratchett code on this site.

The clacks overhead
The clacks overhead

From the plugin description (created by Nick Cernis) –

GNU Terry Pratchett

From Going Postal:
“We keep that name moving in the Overhead,” he said, and it seemed to Princess that the wind in the shutter arrays above her blew more forlornly, and the everlasting clicking of the shutters grew more urgent. “He’d never have wanted to go home. He was a real linesman. His name is in the code, in the wind in the rigging and the shutters. Haven’t you ever heard the saying: ‘A man’s not dead while his name is still spoken’?”
What does the GNU stand for?

In Going Postal, the G means that the message should be passed on, the N means “Not Logged”, and the U means that it should be turned around at the end of the line.

Ripple on, good sir. Ripple on.

GNU Pratchett ripple quote
Photo, without quote, from The Telegraph

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.” ~ Terry Pratchett “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away…” ~ Terry Pratchett

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