MM – A magical gift

Hubby and I have been together since July 1987, and I have the receipt to prove it. Yes, that’s a story for another day… *grin* It’s safe to say he understands me better than anyone else on the planet. The day before our youngest turned fifteen, he was shopping with the eldest at a local shop (The Mustard Seed Natural Living Center), and spotted this magical gift –

magical gift, Raven with card
Raven with card

According to the website listed on the card, it’s carved Dolomite (when I posted about it on Facebook, I mistakenly said it was carved onyx, but that’s a different figurine). He said something to the effect of, “This way when your crows aren’t around, you’ll still have someone to inspire you when you’re writing.”

From my hon
From my hon

Thank you for the continued inspiration, hon.

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