Melancholutopia Two – A True Fable, continued.

I call this bit of creative writing, set in a fantasy land where my depression is almost entertaining, Melancholutopia. Part one is here – now for Melancholutopia Two.

Chapter 2 The first royal kidlet to arrive was Cinderella. The princess, who went by the name of Rose (her surname was Glaacis, and her middle name was Kolord), tried to be a royal Super Woman, caring for the beautiful babe whilst continuing to assist with the ruling of the kingdom, but found it to be much more difficult than she anticipated. An unexpected complication was the sudden illness and eventual passing of her beloved father, His Royal Highness King Will.

She, Prince Char, and Cindi made it through, and they soon welcomed Prince Valiant to their family. Again, things proved to be more difficult than expected – now her mother, her Royal Highness Queen Mum, had health issues that required much attention. To be fair, the Queen Mum helped tremendously with the royal kidlets, but her health was a constant concern that Rose felt landed squarely on her shoulders, because not only did she love the Queen Mum dearly, she also promised the King she would care for the Queen and Kingdom in his stead.

After the arrival of their third and final child, Sleeping Beauty, Rose felt her family and happiness was complete. Running a kingdom, caring and educating the kidlets (because she wasn’t about to let some royal tutor have the joy of teaching her babies), and adding gold to the coffers to assist Char with the care and keep of the Kingdom was exhausting, but she was sure if she could just get a few nights of good sleep, everything would be fine. In the meantime, the babies were as amazing as any parent could hope for, the Queen Mum was recovering, and Rose and Char counted their blessings every night.

To be continued…

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