#MarketFriday – Wally World (Walmart) Wander

A few weeks ago, I finally managed to jump into the awesome #MarketFriday tag hosted by @dswigle, when I went shopping at Lowes with my hubby. But that wasn’t the end of our shopping excursion – after we left Lowes, we had a Wally World (Walmart) Wander.

While it might not be the most exciting retail experience ever (I mean, have you seen @dswigle‘s latest, Market Friday and the Pow-Wow? Seriously – she manages to incorporate SO much history and information whilst giving us a tour of the booths! No wonder she’s the one in charge of this tag!), the odds these days of me getting out, with my camera, and without my tremors haven’t been all that great, so I figured I’d nab a two-for-one photo op while I could!

So please remember to close the car door behind you, and join us as we walk across the parking lot to…

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
Wally World (Walmart) Wander. Or as I like to call it, a necessary evil, thanks to how many people (and how little income) with have in our home.

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
First stop – grabbing some vitamins. Much as I’d like to get these at our local health food store, the prices here are low enough that we can still afford to pay rent afterwards. 😜

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
With all these vitamins, there must be wicked healthy shoppers here!


Wally World (Walmart) Wander
See? What did I tell you about healthy? Lots of bikes to ride and exercise with!

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
Don’t forget your helmet!

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
At Lowes, Jim was surrounded by his fans. Now, he’s playing it cool by the air conditioners.

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
I absolutely guarantee that the only reason this Patriot’s material is on clearance is because it’s summer here in New England and that’s fleece…

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
…because this light cotton hometown teams fabric is still full price (I know it all looks like BoSox, but if you closely to the left, you’ll see an old school Pats print).

Wally World (Walmart) Wander
So. Much. Cerreal! And yet the only one we wanted (Maple Brown Sugar Mini Wheats) was no where to be found!

Looks like certain types are randomly disappearing… maybe it’s a rip in the time/space continuum!

There’s just something strangely unsatisfying about All Berries Cap’n Crunch. Where’s the fun if you can’t pick out half the cereal and waste it? 😉 😂

I can’t even…

And again, so many pizzas (among other things) in these freezers, and not a single Hawaiian Deep Dish!

But at least the frosty freezer doors are pretty

I think it’s interesting that they placed the “spill station” in an aisle with fruits and veggies, not the beer aisle.

So much shopping with me has Jim going (for the) bananas!

The Danger Zone…

After another looooong wait in the checkout (I was too brain dead at that point to snap any shots), we made our way outside to the pretty sunset sky. Time to head home!


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  1. I had forgotten how intimidating those large US retail outlets could be. Small is beautiful for me! They always feel lonesome somehow. Those seried ranks of items waiting to be picked like dancehall wall flowers!

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