I’m a Dolphin! Powering up ahead of #SPUD4

I did it! With only a couple months to go before from my 2 year Steemiversary (September 22, 2017 in case anyone wants to make me a cake…LOL), I now have enough Steem Power that I’ve reached Dolphin III!


When I saw how much Steem I could get for relatively little FIAT cash, I couldn’t resist – I had to grab enough to bump me up from Minnow I. And even though I’d been squirreling away all my Steem this month, after powering up for #SPUD3, it occurred to me that doing it now made more sense, for a couple of reasons.

The idea behind @streetstyle’s initiative is

The prizes are meant to incentivize the smaller Steemians, the planktons, minnows and barracudas out in the Steem Ocean to participate in powering up on SPUD, and hopefully create more understanding as to why Steem Power is what backs the Steem Economy.

So I decided that waiting and doing a big powerup on the day might actually serve to discourage smaller accounts who couldn’t gather as much Steem.

I also have nice bit of delegation from @nathanmars that happens to expire on August 1st, so I’d like to make use of my extra little bit of voting power while it lasts.

I’m still planning to participate in this fourth Steem Power Up Day – I kept aside a little bit of Steem for that purpose, and I plan to start squirreling again over the next ten days. I also figure that now that I’m a bit of a bigger fish, I should contribute towards the prize pool, instead of trying for a prize!

It might not be much, but when the winners are decided for the two current prizes being offered…

Prizes ( so far, unless we get other prize sponsors):

-2500 STEEM POWER delegation for 4 weeks by @xpilar

-1000 STEEM POWER delegation for 4 weeks by @streetstyle

… I will also give a 100% upvote to the winner posts (unless I’ve already hit them up, then I’ll upvote their most recent post). Also, I’ll give the first prize winner 2.5 Steem, and the second runner up 1.5 Steem (for a total of 4 Steem, because of this being SPUD4 😊).

If I somehow end up being flush with lots of Steem by then, I reserve the right to increase the size of the prizes… 😂

Best. Investment. EVER!

Before Steemit came along, I had zero interest in investing, or how the market even worked. Not only has this platform been the best thing I could’ve ever invested in, in terms of finally seeing a return on my years of blogging for free, it’s served as an awesomely educational experience, and I know more about dips & runs, bulls & bears, and rocketships to the moon than I ever thought possible!

So please spread the word about #SPUD4 and @streetstyle‘s latest post about it – SPUD 4 – RIDE OR DIE with STEEM – AUGUST 1, 2019 [ steem ] [ blockchain }. And maybe if you’re a Dolphin or other big fish in the sea, consider donating to the prize pool so we can all help some little fishes get bigger in this awesome Steem sea!

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