I Won The Liebster Award From Em Linthorpe

I won! I won! I won the Liebster Award from Em Linthorpe, one of the many wonderful and wicked awesome people I’ve met through the #SundayBlogShare tag on Twitter! Whoo hoo!

According to her blog post, this is what it means – “What is the Liebster Award? It all seems a bit vague to me, but in essence it means I get to spill my guts all over the internet again and then nominate some other people to do the same. How fun!” ~ Em Linthorpe

Here are the rules:

1) Say hi to the person sweet enough to want to know more about you – and display your award with pride;
2) Answer the eleven questions the person gives you;
3) Give eleven random facts about yourself;
4) Nominate some other people that you think are deserving of this award;
5) Let them know you have nominated them;
6) Give them eleven questions to answer.

Hello, Em! Thank you so much for this eggscellent award!

These are the questions Em wants me to answer.

1. What phone apps could you not live without?

My Kindle app (for obvious reasons) and the rShopping list app. Not only do I use it for grocery lists, I also have bunches of other lists (for example, questions to ask the doctor, cleaning projects needing to be done). Also, I swear I don’t have Farm Hero Saga installed on my phone.

2. Do you still keep in touch with any of your school friends?

Yes, I’m happy to say I’ve connected with many of them through social media, and occasionally I’ll even see them in person.

3. What is your opinion of garlic?

Love it! If I ever do any vampire stories, I’m going to have to make the whole garlic thing a misunderstanding, so my vamps can eat their fill of Italian food. *grin*

4. Do you ever do DIY at home?

I used to be pretty crafty (and not just in a witchy way – LOL), but these days, the closest thing to a DIY project I’ve done was to repurpose the wire fruit holder on the kitchen table (because dumping junk mail into an empty bowl counts as repurposing, right? *grin*).

5. What are your most treasured books on your bookshelf?

Okay, that’s like asking me which child is my most treasured. I do have a couple of “Wrinkle in Time” books that are pretty special to me, given that Madeleine L’Engle signed them for our two eldest kidlets. However, since the third wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, I was obviously not able to get one for her, and never had the opportunity to go to another signing. So the pair of books are a little bittersweet.

6. What was the first concert/gig you attended?

Oh, wow – I know I should know this, but I’m a little hazy on the 80s. I’m pretty sure it was Rush (possibly the Power Windows tour), with my high school friend Christine.

7. If there was one thing you could change about your house, what would it be?

I would add a second bathroom. Two adults and three kids (who are essentially adults) sharing one is a bit challenging.

8. Have you ever been camping?

Yes! Many times, and I love it!

9. What was your worst kitchen disaster?

So many to choose from… I would have to say the most recent was when I had a pair of meatloaves in the oven. For some bizarre reason, one of my glass loaf pans decided to explode. It only had about five more minutes to cook, too! *pout*

10. What words do you regret saying to someone else?

Again, so many to choose from… I’d have to say any of the ones I said in a raised voice to the people I love.

11. Give us a brief overview of your gaming history.

Brief? I’ll try – it all started with the Intellivision console my dad bought for the family, progressed to text games on his computer. From there, I’ve dabbled in Myst, Halo, Serious Sam, and World of Warcraft (to name a very few). Wow, I guess that was brief!

11 random facts about myself

1. I was a ballet dancer from age 5 to 13, and considered (for two seconds) auditioning for the Boston Ballet.
2. My job for the first summer after high school was a tour guide at a castle.
3. I was a Girl Scout leader.
4. When I was born, the doctor told my mother I had “double eyelashes.”
5. I won a gold star (and a review from a Harper Collins editor) on Authonomy.
6. I was in a movie when I was 5 years old (four whole seconds on screen!).
7. I met hubby in 1987 and after a month of dating, we moved in together.
8. I’ve drawn a daily Tarot card every day since July 15, 2007 (and I have the spreadsheet to prove it *grin*).
9. Back in 2011, me & my family decided (for many reasons) to move into a 30 foot camper, and lived in it for over a year.
10. My aunt did our genealogy, and as a result, I could join the American Daughters of the Revolution if I wished.
11. I was a theater geek in high school (long before the term “theater geek”).

11 questions for my nominees:

1. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
2. If you could only own three books, which ones would they be?
3. What movie are you looking forward to seeing?
4. What song is stuck in your head right now?
5. Coffee or tea?
6. How many countries have you visited?
7. What would be your perfect Sunday/weekend morning?
8. Who plays you in the movie about your life?
9. Have you ever seen a ghost?
10. What was your favorite Halloween (or Cosplay, theater, of any other time yow wore one) costume?
11. What’s one piece of good news you’ve heard recently?

I would like to nominate:

Okay, I’m going to “cheat” just like Em did. While she nominated the whole #SundayBlogShare Facebook gang, I’m going to nominate everyone who reads this and wants to have a go! And since the word, “Liebster” translates to, “Sweetheart”, I thought my crow wearing a snowy heart on his beak would make an appropriate graphic for an award. So you there – yes, you in the audience reading this. Please accept this token of my blogger appreciation, and post one of your very own. Oh, and be sure to shout out when your post is up, so I can add your link here.

Thanks again, Em! This was great fun!

My favorite Liebster Award posts (even if I didn’t “nominate” them. *grin*).

~ Em at Em Linthorpe

~ Ritu at But I Smile Anyway…

~ Shelley at Shelley Wilson

~ H. (she goes by her first initial) at thekaleidoscopeh

~ Katie at Fatty McCupcakes

Liebster Award From Em Linthorpe. Furthermore, this is not a passive voice. Finally, I am writing in an active voice. My SEO will stop telling me how to write. These sentences are also shorter than twenty words. Stop being so controlling. Especially since most of the sentences in this post are not mine. I will keep going until you turn green. I can’t believe this is still orange. Finally, it has turned. Success! This is not a passive voice. I am writing in an active voice. I am writing in an active voice. Since my SEO will stop telling me how to write. Furthermore, this is not a passive voice. Liebster Award From Em Linthorpe. Finally, I am writing in an active voice. Because my SEO will stop telling me how to write. Liebster Award From Em Linthorpe.

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    1. Same here, Em! I’ve never done these before, but you and Ritu (with her “Get to know me tag” have inspired me, and I’m realizing what fun they are. Thanks again!

  1. This was fun to read and to get to know you a little bit better, Traci. I received the Liebster Award a few years ago on my previous (sailing) blog. Interviews are always fun! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Liesbet! I’d never done one of these until recently, and now I see the appeal – it is great fun to get to know everyone this way!

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