#HiveChat on Twitter – The Questions, Post links, & the Tweets

This is a blog post I’ve had roughly outlined since before I took my turn at the mic for #HiveChat on Twitter back in August. So when Parul announced on Twitter that #ThursdayTreeLove wouldn’t be happening today (but it’s still on for October 22nd) not too long after @victoriabsb shouted out in the Hive Marketing Discord, looking for past chat questions, I took it as a sign to finally hit the “publish” button! 😊

At first I thought I’d just post it on my Hive blog, but then I figured it would be nice to have it on my #WordPress blog too, since so many of my non-Hive twitter followers have liked and/or RTed some of our chatterings.

As time goes on, and each chat happens, I’ll edit this post to include the questions, Twitter links, and any other relevant information that pops up. If you see anything amiss, or would like me to add in something, please feel free to shout out.

Posts with information about HiveChat

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#HiveChat – A Simple How-To for First Timers by @hivelift, August 18th 2020.

Twitter #HiveChat en Español! Únete: Jueves 20-08 a las ⏰ 8pm [ENG/ESP] || #TwitterChat by @victoriabsb, August 19th 2020.

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Tips for HiveChat Hosts by @hivetrending, September 2nd 2020.

#HiveChat – Your Tough Questions Answered By It’s Founder, @jeanlucsr by @hivelift, September 7th 2020.

Questions asked for each #HiveChat on Twitter

Please note: These are the questions for the chats on Tuesdays. The Hive Spanish community also holds Hive Chats on Thursdays, but I’m not including them here for now, as I think Victoria might be doing a post for that (and if she does, I’ll be sure to link it here).

HiveChat #1 – @jeanlucsr (Twitter handle @JeanlucSR) on July 21st, 2020

Q1) If there is one thing you could say about Hive to anyone who hasn’t joined yet, what would it be? tweet link
Q2) What is your favorite Hive dapp? And why? Feel free to elaborate with multiple tweets. tweet link
Q3) What tips would you give someone that just started off on Hive? tweet link
Q4) What is your favorite contest on Hive and why? tweet link
Q5) Are you joining the Hive Power Up Day on August 1st, 2020? tweet link

HiveChat #2 – @hivepeople (Twitter handle @HivePeople ) on July 28th, 2020

1 If you could change one thing about #Hive, what would it be? tweet link
2 What was your shittiest investment ever tweet link
3 What are your favorite communities on Hive tweet link
4 What new #Hive #dapp are you most excited about? (For example, @Dapplr_app, @NftShowroom, etc.) tweet link
5 Tag 5 people you would like to invite to Hive tweet link

Recap post

HiveChat #3 – @traciyork (Twitter handle @TraciYorkWriter ) on August 4th, 2020

Q1) Are your a #Hive #blogger, #vlogger, or both (and what kind of content do you create)? tweet link
Q2) What are your thoughts about the ongoing issue with posts of little substance getting large payouts (inspired by a Twitter convo between @joseacabrerav & @jeanlucsr)? tweet link
Q3) What are your favorite posts to curate (#life #blogs, #photography, #writing, #music, #cooking, #travel, @threespeak #vlogs, @splinterlands #gaming, @nftshowroom #art, @actifit #fitness, #contests like @yourtop3, @leofinance #investing #movies etc)? tweet link
Q4) Can you suggest some of the best hashtags to use when sharing your #Hive content to Twitter? tweet link
Q5) What are some questions you’d like to see addressed in upcoming Hive Chats? tweet link

Recap post

HiveChat #4 – @nathanmars (Twitter handle @NathanMars7) on August 11th, 2020

One question – As a Hive owner what are you willing to do increase our #HIVE Network Effects? tweet link

HiveChat #5 – @artemislives (Twitter handle @BreugelMarike) on August 18th, 2020

Q1: How can we move #social activity from Discord to public places like twitter? tweet link
Q2: Name ONE thing YOU can do to grow #Hive. tweet link
Q3: Name ONE thing people can add to the bottom of their blogs to promote #HIVE. tweet link
Q4: What’s the EASIEST way to onboard new users to #HIVE ? tweet link
Q5: What’s ONE way for #HIVE to build bridges with other networks? tweet link

HiveChat #6 – @pixiepost (Twitter handle @ThePixiePost ) on August 25th, 2020

Question 1: What Specifically Brought You To Hive? tweet link
Question 2: If You Had Pixie Dust, How Would You Use It To Improve One Thing About Hive? tweet link
Question 3: Where Do You See Yourself One Year From Now On Hive? tweet link
Question 4: Pick One Person On Hive. What Nice Thing Can You Do For Him/Her? tweet link
Question 5: Describe Hive in 5 Words. tweet link

HiveChat #7 – @hivetrending (Twitter handle @HiveTrending ) on September 1st, 2020

Q1: What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from #Hive? tweet link
Q2: If you had a team of software engineers, what would you build on #Hive? tweet link
Q3: What is your favorite Hive memory? tweet link
Q4: Who on Hive do you most respect? And why? tweet link
Q5: What is your #1 hive goal? tweet link

HiveChat #8 – @stellabelle (Twitter handle @stellabelle ) on September 8th, 2020

Q1: In one sentence, explain what an NFT is. tweet link
Q2: What’s you favorite platform to buy or mint NFTs on? tweet link
Q3: How do you feel about gas prices when buying or minting NFTs on Ethereum? tweet link
Q4: Name one thing you don’t understand about Hive. tweet link
Q5: September is #JoinHive month and we have a contest during the entire month to see who can onboard the most people to Hive. Who will you invite to join Hive? tweet link

HiveChat #9 – @hiro-hive (Twitter handle @hiro_hive ) on September 15th, 2020

Q1: If one day you wake up and you see a $100 Hive price, what will you do? tweet link
Q2: In your opinion, what are Hive’s killer features compared to other cryptos? tweet link
Q3: What is keeping you motivated to believe in what the Hive can achieve? tweet link
Q4: Based on your own experience, how does Hive improve your life? tweet link
Q5: In our small ways, how can we best contribute to the Hive community? tweet link

HiveChat #10 – @jongolson (Hive (Twitter handle @Jon_G_Olson) on September 22nd, 2020

Q1: What do you choose and why….But you can only pick ONE! Do you create, curate, or delegate? tweet link
Q2: The #blockchain needs you! You have been asked to increase engagement across the platform… How would YOU increase it? Suggestions for newer #Hive owners…. tweet link
Q3: You can spend 1 hour with 1 #Hive owner to learn from and pick their brain…. Who do you pick and why? tweet link
Q4: So we all want to see more people embracing #HIVE and I think we agree, it’ll come from amazing #dapp development… So what game changing application do we need to see on Hive to take it to another level? tweet link
Q5: Oh boy….Witnesses! Some are awesome, some are ‘interesting’…Some we’re not too sure about… Who is your favorite and share some reasons why? tweet link

Recap post

HiveChat #11 – @the-bitcoin-dood (Twitter handle @BitcoinDood ) on September 29th, 2020

Q1: For the people that are skeptical about HIVE give them one reason why they should join us. What makes us better than our mainstream corporate owned competitors? tweet link
Q2: Hive is a large and growing community! New users can sometimes feel like they’re shouting into the void. What pointers can you give a new HIVE user to help get them involved in the community and get their content discovered? tweet link
Q3: So many people tend to focus on the money you can earn using #HIVE. It’s true, once you grow your following you can earn HIVE with each post. Besides the incentive to earn, what else do you love about HIVE? tweet link
Q4: #Hive is a growing community of bloggers, artists of all types, athletes, activists & so much more. What type of content do you enjoy seeing in your feed & what type of content do you feel is under represented or we need more of on $HIVE? tweet link
Q5: Using your imagination where do you see #Hive going in the long term with both community and #dApps and do you see anything that could hold us back or limit us in the future? tweet link

Recap post

HiveChat #12 – @nonsowrites (Twitter handle @IAM__NONSO) on October 6th, 2020

Q1: What are hive’s unique features that distinquish it from other blockchains/cryptocurrency? tweet link
Q2: What are your top 2 hive moments? tweet link
Q3: How has hive impacted your life positively? tweet link
Q4: What new features/development are you looking forward to on the hive blockchain? tweet link
Q5: What’s the most exciting thing on hive currently? tweet link

HiveChat #13 – @victoriabsb (Twitter handle @VictoriaBSB) on October 13th, 2020

HiveChat #14 – @dexpartacus (Twitter handle @dexpartacus) on October 20th, 2020


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