Happy HIVE-PUD12! Hive Power Up Day Twelve, April 1st 2020

Yeah, one of the few bummers about leaving the Steem Blockchain is that we have to trade SPUD (Steem Power Up Day) for the not-quite-as-catchy (but at least a million times cooler) HIVE-PUD (Hive Power Up Day).

What exactly is a power up day? The Reader’s Digest version – blogging on the blockchain generates a liquid (meaning it can be traded/sold easily) currency called Hive. Like any kind of money, you can either spend it or save it. When I power up (also known as staking) that Hive, it means I’ve made a 13 week (minimum) investment – in return for my investment, I gain things like a bigger vote value. Makes sense, right?


At any rate, eleven months ago today @streetstyle came up with the plan to have a day each month to show our support for the blockchain by all powering up as much as possible (or temporarily halting any power downs, which is how you turn the investment into spendable monies again).

For more details about it…

His original post is – (SPUD -NIK 1, SUCCESS – MAY 1, 2019 – A WORLDWIDE EVENT [steempower] [steem]

His most current post is – HIVE POWER UP DAY – APRIL 1ST 2020 – The Calm Before the Swarm – [hive] [blockchain] [community]

Well today I was able to do a much bigger power up than I’d expected, thanks in large part to the generous prize (and thank you again!) from @innerhive‘s Twitter contest (that I found out exactly a week ago I won!), and in a smaller way because I was able to exchange the first of 13 installments of Steem for some Hive on the @ionomy exchange. Oh, and to put it into relatable numbers, the Hive prize at the time I got it was worth about $200 USD (if I did my math correctly) and what I converted from Steem to Hive was worth about $32 (my first power down was small because I still had Steem tied up in delegations at the time).

And now to make it official…

Hive Power Up Day 12

Happy Hive Power Up Day!



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