From my photo archive – a bunch of pictures from September 2017

For a myriad of reasons, I haven’t had much opportunity to take many pictures lately. Yesterday, it occurred to me that over the past couple of years, when compiling shots for my former weekly Foto Friday feature, I’d always have a bunch leftover that didn’t get picked for posting. However, each week I would email all the shots to our landlady, since she’s a fan of my shutterbugging in our mutual yard – LOL!

I thought it would be fun to share them here occasionally, especially since most of them haven’t seen the proverbial light of day before. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy these captures from September, 2017.

From my photo archive - a bunch of pictures from September 2017
A young Phoebe hanging out by the bird feeders
Raindrops on spiderwebs (not really one of “My Favorite Things” but it photographs nicely…lol!
Closeup of a Mum plant in a pot on our landlady’s wall
Cloudy day White Dahlia
The sun hiding behind the clouds
Almost peeking out
Sunny day Dahlia
One of my favorite Dahlia shots – I’m so sad it didn’t bloom this year
I overexposed this by mistake, but I like how it came out
Sunny day White Dahlia
Mr. Toad hanging out on a tree stump
Can you tell I loved the Dahlia blooms? 😊
Stormy sunset clouds
The clouds make a pretty backdrop for the scraggly pine tree
Funny thing is, the sky looked very similar last night. I was a bit discouraged that I wasn’t able to get any new shots, but seeing these made me feel a bit better about it.


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and sometimes utilizing my handy dandy tripod
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