Free Tarot Card Reading for the Week of April 17th, 2018

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday for the week of April 17th, 2018! My monthly free Tarot card readings were so popular, I decided to make them a weekly feature. If you want to be sure to catch the next one, you can follow my blog on WordPress or Bloglovin’, stalk my Facebook, Twitter, or other social media (all my links are in the widget on the left), or simply bookmark this site and set an alarm on your phone for Tuesdays at 8am EST.

For those wondering, I use my Universal Waite Smith Tarot Deck to draw the cards, but since it’s so well loved (I’ve owned it for a bazillion years), I then substitute my Radiant Deck for the photographs. And for the record, I take a new picture of the card backs every week – first, I do the cards face up, then flip them over and take a snap of the back. I add the numbers and such with Canva, and use the picture from the top of the post to create the blog graphic.

Also, while it probably doesn’t need to be said, I’m saying it anyway – this is for fun, and my messages should never be a substitute for your own good judgement and common sense. In fact, that applies to most things in life – if your gut tells you it’s not right, always listen.

Now, on to the reading! Pick the card (or cards) that you’re drawn to, then scroll down to the bottom of this post for the card reveal and my short interpretation of what to expect in the upcoming week.

April 17th 2018 Tarot

You’ve picked your card (or cards), right?

Since there are TONS of brilliant musicians on Steemit, I decided a few weeks ago to start using one of the gazillion songs I fall in love with each day for my “Jeopardy Music“?

To pick out the song this week, I decided to browse through the newly formed Steemit Open Mic room on the Helpie Discord channel. Turns out, @darrenclaxton had just posted the PERFECT song for this week a mere few hours before. There is just something about the vibe of this song that totally fits with this week’s cards – bonus, he’s got an AMAZING voice!

So please enjoy “Was It Right,” an original by Darren Claxton as you scroll through to the card reveal.


“Were we lost, did we find
how you been, healed in time
was it wrong was it right days were dark, now they’re light

Contact made through sharing a passion
the beautiful music I loved to listen
thought we shared, but disagreed
but always, always beneath
but always, always a need

Were we lost, did we find
how you been, healed in time
was it wrong was it right
days were dark, days were dark, days were dark,
now they’re light
now they’re
days were dark are they light?”

~ written by Darren Claxton for his 5 track EP “Never Grow Old” available for download/purchase HERE

Alrighty, here’s the big reveal! Your card is…

Could I get a drum roll please?


April 17th 2018 Tarot

Okay, I usually don’t comment on the draw, but this week I had to – I mean, look at that spread! I wanted to mention that, as some of you know, I don’t read reversals (story for another time), so as I’m drawing the cards, I flip them right-side up if they happen to be reversed. This week – boom, boom, BOOM! That’s exactly how the cards fell!

Also thought it was worth a mention that the last time Strength and Temperance showed up on Tarot Tuesday, it was the same day in October 2017, and the Hierophant’s last appearance was two weeks later on October 31st.

What does this all mean? In brief, I’m thinking that after the Dark Moon/Mercury Retrograde ending (both in Aries) on Sunday, there’s going to be a big (mostly positive) shift in energy starting this week. Can. not. WAIT!

Now, on to your message(s) –

1. Strength

Believe in yourself. People have told you time and time again that you couldn’t do it alone, because you weren’t (strong, smart, tough) enough. Nonsense! As Glinda said to Dorothy, “You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.” Okay, maybe a visit to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry’s farm isn’t on your wish list, but you have the courage and compassion to tame the beast of self-doubt.

2. The Hierophant

The Mystic. When you’re in the middle of a crisis, and you feel like you’re all alone, this card is a reminder that all of your ancestors, your community, your family (blood or chosen) are still there with you, even if you can’t see or feel them. I like to think of this as the Mr. Miyagi card – someone who steps in and teaches you the knowledge you need to stop the bullies. Sometimes though, this card shows up for me when I get a little too wrapped up in the “right” and traditional way of doing something. It means I need to remember to honor the spirit of the ritual, and not sweat the details.

3. Temperance

Work towards unity. Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to blend oil and water together, and no matter how hard you stir, they stay separated. Don’t give up hope. With careful and thoughtful actions, you can finally bring together those things that are trying to push away. Keep in mind, like my favorite Tarot website says, “a bow and arrow are useless apart, but together a formidable weapon.”



So, what did you think of your message? Please be sure to shout out in the comment section, and let me know what you thought. And, as is the case with all my posts, if you enjoyed it, please feel free to share. Bright blessings!

[NOTE – The graphics in this post were created via Canva, but the Tarot card pictures were taken by yours truly. Also posted on my Steemit blog – Happy Tarot Tuesday! Here’s a look at the week ahead, starting today (April 10th, 2018)!]


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April 17th 2018 Tarot

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