For a #FeatheredFriends #FlashbackFriday – a Red-winged Blackbird from April 2019

We’re on track here in New Hampshire for having one of the coldest Aprils on record (though for the life of me, I can’t find the article about it that I read earlier today) which, no big surprise, isn’t playing nice with my tremors. I’d originally hoped to have some new shots of the Phoebe who is very busy building a new nest, but after looking at the dank chilly weather outside today, I decided to scroll through my unpublished photo archives for something else for this #FeatheredFriends #FlashbackFriday. As luck would have it, I found eight shots of a Red-winged Blackbird from April 2019 that haven’t yet seen the light of day!

The main reason I never used them is because like today, it was dark and dreary out, and I took the shots from a bit of a distance (I was near our house and the blackbird was at our landlady’s feeder across the yard). I wasn’t happy with how they turned out and as I’ve mentioned before, for a long time I limited my photo editing to resizing and cropping – I felt that messing with the exposure and such came out looking fake and unnatural. I’ve since changed my mind…lol!

I thought I’d share the before editing as well as the results after running them through PicMonkey. I started just with adjusting exposure, sharpness, contrast and such but by the end I started playing with filters. This was a lot of fun to do – I hope you enjoy!

Also, be sure to check out @Melinda010100‘s #FeatheredFriends on the Hive blockchain for more feathered friend awesomeness!

Now for a #FeatheredFriends #FlashbackFriday – a Red-winged Blackbird from April 2019

1. Mr Blackbird at the bird feeder

1. Before editing

2. Checking out the food

2. Before editing

3. I think he likes it!

3. Before editing

4. Posing pretty

4. Before editing

5. He hopped down for a moment and walked around the yard

5. Before editing

6. What a difference a filter makes!

6. Before editing

7. He headed back up into the tree for a moment…

7. Before editing

8. …then after one last pose, he flew away

8, Before editing


Hope you enjoyed my Red-winged Blackbird from April 2019, and happy Friday!

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