FlashFiction Freewrite Friday – Becoming the Moon

Yes, just like last week, I know today is Monday not Friday, but I’ve been doing the Hive Blockchain version of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) every day, and thought I’d share this FlashFiction Freewrite Friday – Becoming the Moon piece here on my WordPress blog so I could have something new to share for #MondayBlogs.

Oh, and here’s the link to my blockchain post – FlashFiction Freewrite Friday – Becoming the Moon on Hive

So without further ado…

The prompt I put on my Hive Blog Posting Month daily prompt calendar for today is, “Use today’s Full Moon for inspiration.” Since I had so much fun doing a FlashFiction Freewrite Friday story last week, I figured I’d do something similar again.

So just like last week, I decided to use one of my recent Deep Dream Generator photos for a visual prompt. This time I went with one of the two Dreamy Moons I did for my October 25th 2021 post – A Sublime Sunday Magical Moon and Double Dream.

But this time, instead of using one of the awesome @freewritehouse daily prompts, I wanted to change things up a bit. Last week I noticed recently that the The Most Dangerous Writing App also had a plot/prompt generator on site (it’s probably been there for ages, but it just registered in my brain…lol). I thought it would be fun to see what it came up with, so I gave it a whirl.

So my visual prompt is –

FlashFiction Freewrite Friday - Becoming the Moon, Starry Moon
Starry Moon

And the 5 Minute prompt from Squibler is – It was time. She’d fought against it for so long.

Once again, I used The Most Dangerous Writing App. For those not familiar, it’s the one with the motto, “Don’t stop typing, or all progress will be lost.” Or in other words, if you stop typing, your words start to fade and after 5 seconds, they disappear completely and you can’t get ’em back. Talk about motivation to keep the words flowing!

Last little bit before I get to my result – like last week, while I did think about what I wanted to write ahead of time, I didn’t do any actual writing except one phrase that popped into my head & I didn’t want to forget it. I also wanted to Google it, because it seemed familiar, like I’d heard it someplace else before, but after doing some poking around, I couldn’t find it. I’ll mention after the prompt what phrase it was, and if anyone recognizes it, please shout out and let me know. Oh, and this time I stopped pretty much when the timer expired (instead of writing for a minute or two more like last week), then did a some editing to make it all readable.

Now, here’s my Flash Fiction story result.


Becoming the Moon


It was time. She’d fought against it for so long, but she couldn’t fight any longer.

She’d always known. Her birthright meant she’d been treated as a living goddess from the moment she was born. Never wanted for anything, but always knowing it came at a price. And today was the day that price needed to be paid.

She never knew exactly when it would come – it was different for every moon goddess. A sign would appear, then it would be time to devote herself completely, body and soul, to La Luna. After all, she was born as the living embodiment of that magical heavenly body, so that she could then transcend to becoming the deity itself. Every thirty three years, the time would come for the moon goddess to be reborn again, and the cycle would repeat.

She didn’t hear La Luna as an actual voice – more like a music gently playing in her mind, revealing lyrical words any time she meditated, which was often. She’d come to think of her as a friend, a mother, someone who cared for and loved her. But as the time approached, doubt crowded her mind.

“I’m scared.” she said. “It’s okay,” answered La Luna. “I will be brave for the both of us”

So when the night of the transcention arrived, she followed the rituals of the many women before her. Then, dressed in her finest robe and as La Luna watched from above, she ascended the steps to the temple.



And a screencap of the MDWA result for good measure…

FlashFiction Freewrite Friday – Becoming the Moon screencap of MDWA result

And the phrase that popped into my brain that sounded vaguely familiar was –

“I’m scared.” she said. “It’s okay,” answered La Luna. “I will be brave for the both of us.”

If anyone recognizes that from some book, movie, or such please shout out. It’s starting to bug me now… 😂


Hope everyone had a fabulous full moon Friday and wonderful weekend!


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