Fire alarm – My 5 Minute Friday Freewrite Prompt for January 11th 2018

This is my fourth time participating in @mariannewest‘s freeWrite prompt for Friday. For whatever reason, today’s “fire alarm” prompt was really tough to frame out in my head, but I eventually got there… and yes, I’m posting this on Monday… 😜

The prompt post for Friday’s was…

Day 448 : 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday – Prompt: fire alarm

…and here’s what I came up with, thanks in large part to some brainstorming with my son.


I don’t know when the sound first started, but it took my sleeping brain forever to process what it was. In fact, it wasn’t until the rough male voice spoke in my ear that I started processing anything.

Hey you. Wake up. There’s a fire.

Just a few minutes more, ma. I promise I won’t miss the bus.

I’m not your ma. Wake up. There’s a fire.

Wait, I haven’t gone to school in decades now. And I don’t have a roommate, or boyfriend, and ma’s long passed over, so who is talking to me? And what is that loud ringing? It’s hurting my ears…

I’m trying to help. Wake up, There’s a fire.

It seemed to take forever for my brain to realize what my body understood almost immediately. By the time I heard, “DANGER” in my head, I was already stumbling out of my new home, choking while trying to see where I was going.

After that, things happened quickly – a blanket was tossed around my shoulders, hands pushed and pulled me to safety while all kinds of voices rose in a cacophony of shouted instructions and panicked observations.

A short time later, a police officer rushed over and asked if anyone else was inside.

“Yes. I mean, no… some gentleman who I assume was a firefighter or something woke me up and got me out of the house. It’s so weird too… the fire alarm was wicked loud, but it wasn’t until he woke me up that I actually heard it.”

“Ma’am, you must be mistaken. I was the first on the scene, and no one went inside before you came out. Frankly it was a miracle you made it out. The fire chief just said your fire system is completely shot and doesn’t even have a functioning siren, and given the unusually high number of fatal fires that have occurred in this neighborhood in the past few years… ”

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