Finish Work

I crossed the finish line, but the race has just begun!

Better yet – my youngest crossed with me, completing the final 200 words of her story only about twelve hours after I hit the 50K mark. While her word count was much smaller, and she spent only a few days working on her story to reach her goal (meaning we weren’t working together every day) it was still wonderful sharing the experience with her.

Now, it’s time to walk the walk. Because my youngest set such a low word count goal, she’s barely scratched the surface of her story, and I’d love to see her finish it (she writes the kind of stories I wish I could, and can world-build like nobody’s business). So I’m trying to set a good example by continuing the good writing habits I’ve developed through the past month. I’m going to keep writing blog entries at least once a week. I’m going to edit and rewrite my NaNoWriMo and start working on the sequel. Most importantly, I’m going to work on Tangled Web, with the goal of getting it edited and published as an e-book by early next year.

So after spending a few days recovering from the furious November sprint, I’ve done some stretches, warmed up, and have plenty of water in preparation of the marathon ahead. I’ve already opened the Word file for TW, and now it’s time to start reading and taking notes. See you at the next finish line.

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  1. Good on ya! And good on your daughter :). I’m letting my mess- er “book” sit for a bit before trying to see what I have. But I do think it’s vital to keep up the writing habit we picked up during NaNo! Heck, all that pain has to be good for something- right?

    Good luck!

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