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As I mentioned in my Christmas Eve blog, this Fandom Friday is focusing on my favorite digital artist, Vladislav Gerasimov. I don’t remember exactly when I first stumbled upon his website, Vladstudio, but I know exactly how long I’ve had my lifetime membership (thank you, Google email search). On Sunday, March 16th, 2008, I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty dollars and I’ve gotten my money’s worth twenty bazillion times over since then.

About 99 percent of my desktop wallpapers and 99.99999 percent of my phone wallpapers have been Vlad designs. These are some (a bunch!) of my favorites –










At one point a few years back, he had a couple of WordPress themes available, so one of the prior incarnations of this blog looked like this –

Bluebell header
Bluebell header

He also has a Facebook banner creator on his site. These are a few I’ve made –




There are tons of other cools things on his site – puzzles, wallpaper clocks, Photoshop tutorials, just to name a few. He also has a shop full of all kinds of goodies, like this beauty that I plan to buy with my Christmas money –

Semicolon Mouse Pad
Vlad mouse pad

By the way, when I grabbed his Facebook link, I realized tomorrow is his birthday. Wouldn’t it be cool if a whole bunch of people bought memberships (only a single payment of $14.99 gets you a lifetime membership!) in honor of his special day?

Now, go forth and enjoy the visual feast that awaits you. *grin*

(For the record, my enthusiasm is in no way being compensated. I just love his artwork!)

Happy birthday, Vlad!

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