FF – I heart the Celtics

My love of basketball goes way back…

My first basketball, December 1967
My first basketball (and no, I totally didn’t steal it from an older sibling), December 1967

While I’ve never played anything beyond H-O-R-S-E, I’ve always enjoyed watching. Occasionally I’ve tuned into some WNBA games, and NBA exhibition type stuff, but mostly I love watching the Boston Celtics on the court.

Though I wasn’t watching for this game –

I did get to see this one as it happened on my TV –

At some point in the past twenty-something years, hubby bought this for me –

Celtics Larry Bird Hologram card set
Larry Bird Hologram card set
Hologram side of the cards
Hologram side of the cards

In 2008, our cat Sid decided to jump in and assist my boys in green –

Sid, 2008
Sid, 2008

The end result of which was this –

2008 Champions
Gift from hubby and the kidlets

This is one of the many, early versions of an avatar I used over on the Rooster Teeth forums (this one is a nod to the Ipod Silhouette commercials) –


And my current go-to avatar became this –


Since this blog has become more of a show-and-tell instead of the reasons why, whenever someone says, “You should be dancing,” I automatically shout, “Gino Time!”, I will leave you with my profile picture from 2009. And yes, I still wear this hat on a regular basis.

Me, 2009
Me, 2009


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