FF – I heart Team Carter vs Team Shield

Every year I struggle with FOMO when it comes to SDCC. But when I found this outstanding summary of the Marvel DubSmash War between Team Carter and Team Shield over at The Insightful Panda, it took away some of the sting.

It started with this simple DubSmash

@clarkgregg #COMICCON2015

A video posted by Chloe Bennet (@chloebennet4) on

Since the panda people already did such a thorough job of covering the events, I’ll simply recount a couple of things that melted my fangirl brain a bit – ~ Chloe Bennet/Skye/Daisy Johnson is a for real Chinese pop star?!? ~ Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) is married, in real life, to Ferris Bueller’s sister! Which makes this particular DubSmash even more awesome –

A video posted by @realhayleyatwell on

Someday, I’ll be witness to this kind of awesomeness happening live. In the meantime, thanks to all (especially the cast of Agent Carter and Agents of Shield) who shared this glorious geekiness!

UPDATE July 30th, 2015

It’s not over yet…

They won that battle but the war continues . @realhayleyatwell #jamesD #chrisevans #dubsmashwar2015 @clarkgregg

A video posted by Chloe Bennet (@chloebennet4) on

The sign says (with skull and cross bones and such) –

“You are challenged!
To a 3 Round
For Charity
Let the Fans Decide!!
(Details To Follow)”

I get the feeling (please, oh please, oh please) there might be an epic rematch in the very near future! Go Team Carter! Go Team Shield!

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