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I grew up Catholic, so Christmas has a special place in my heart. After hubby and I converted to Wicca back in ’91, we still continued to celebrate a secular version of the holiday. In fact, it grew more special to me after researching and discovering the history and symbolism of so many of the traditional elements of the season.

Today’s celebration is much smaller than those when the kidlets were younger, but it’s just as wonderful. My mother is visiting us, as she did last year, and we managed some presents and stockings (mainly due to the Herculean effort of the eldest and hubby). Since I did a Throwback Thursday Christmas post with my childhood pictures last year, I thought I share some of the kidlets pictures this year.

1. December 2000
Christmas, 2000



2. December 2004 Santa snack
Santa snack, 2004



3. December 2004 Ciara
Ciara, 2004



4. December 2004 Tristan
Tristan, 2004



5. December 2004 Cailli
Cailli, 2004



6. December-January 2004-2005
Santa Hats, January 2005



7. December 2005
December, 2005



8. December 2006
December, 2006



9. December 2007 stockings
Stockings, 2007



10. December 2007
Santa hats, 2007



11. December 2008
Santa hats, 2008



12. December 2009
Santa hats, 2009



13. December 2011
Camper Christmas, 2011



14. December 2012
Santa hats, 2012


Santa Hats 2014
Santa hats, 2014



To wrap it all up (see what I did there), I leave you with a picture of our current tree. I hope whatever your belief system, this day finds you happy, healthy, and blessed.

16. December 2015
December 2015

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  1. How did your kids get so big? Gorgeous family.

    I grew up a combo of Catholic and Unitarian Universalist. Became Pagan around the same time you did.

    So I do similar. Solstice is the formal celebration for me and the spiritual one.

    Christmas is secular, but still an exchange of gifts with those in my life who celebrate it. It’s nice and non-drama producing.

    A happy holiday season to you and yours.

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