Fandom Friday – I heart Buttprints in the Sand

It’s been a hell of a week. I swear, it’s like George R. R. Martin and Joss Whedon decided to write the script for this first month of the new year (and I sure hope they replace the writers for next season… I mean, month). Rather than focus on all the good people we lost, and the never-ending stream of bad news in the media, I decided to share something that made me laugh longer and harder than I probably should have.

Whilst perusing my social media this morning, I stumbled upon a poem called, “Buttprints in the Sand.” After I regained my composure (and apologized to our dog for scaring him), I began to search the interwebz, but all I could find out about the author is that she or he adapted it from another anonymous (but more well known) poem.

There’s a bunch of graphics out there with the poem, but I decided to use one of my own photographs. So here it is, paired with a picture of Niles Beach in Gloucester, MA that was taken in March of 2015. Hope you enjoy!

Buttprints in the sand

NOTE:January 2oth, 2020 – I redid the graphic above for this post. Still chuckling like crazy over it, four years later. 😊

Buttprints in the sand. One night I had a wondrous dream, One set of footprints there was seen, The footprints of the Goddess they were, But mine were not along the shore. But then some stranger prints appeared, and I asked Her, “What have we here? These prints are large and round and neat But much too big to be from feet.” “My child,” She said in somber tones, “For miles I carried you alone. I challenged you to walk in faith, But you refused and made me wait.” “You would not learn, you would not grow, The walk of faith, you would not know, So I got tired, I got fed up, And there I dropped you on your butt. “Because in life, there comes a time. When one must fight, and one must climb, When one must rise and take a stand, Or leave their butt prints in the sand.” ~ Author Unknown

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