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With the popularity of Pitch Perfect (and the upcoming, inventively named Pitch Perfect 2), I’m guessing most people default to the  Barden Bellas when mention of a female a cappella group comes up. I’m willing to bet about ten seconds after you start listening to the Balkan folk singing trio known as Black Sea Hotel, you’ll say, “Becca who?”

Dude, no

I first discovered these talented ladies in June of 2013. I was doing my usual click-the-car-radio-search-button-every-three-seconds while driving to the local laundromat, and I happened upon a song that immediately gave me chills. It wasn’t your typical top 40 music, and I was surprisingly compelled (I think hubby used the word, “obsessed”) to search out who these other-worldly sounding creatures were. Thanks to the kind help of the gentleman who is the DJ for that program (Worlds of Music on 91.3 WUNH), a flurry of emails, and some time searching playlists, I found out this was the song I’d heard –

Spava Mi Se by Black Sea Hotel

After sampling their songs on Amazon, I promptly bought their self-titled album, and liked their Facebook page. I mean, look at some of the people singing their praises!

“Black Sea Hotel captures an other-worldly sonic experience, wonderfully concordant and discordant (to my post-punk ear), a totally unique sound on this planet.” – Martin Bisi (Engineer/Producer of The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Swans, Herbie Hancock, Dresden Dolls)


“[Black Sea Hotel’s] painstakingly researched and innovative arrangements of traditional Balkan folks songs are performed with a refined emotion that hits with the magnetic pull of rock-bound sirens. Just tie me to the mast now…” Paul Schomer (Producer, National Public Radio)


“Beautiful.” – David Byrne

I’m not sure what it is about this music, but it reaches through my ears and straight into my soul. They’ve become my go-to music anytime I need to write or mediate (or both). In fact, I mentioned them in my previous post as the music I planned to use for my new moon meditation (which I did, and it was awesome). And they make it look so easy!

Do your ears a favor and check them out – if they were students, they could win the ICCA championships with their eyes closed. But don’t tell Aubrey I said that…

aca scuse me

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