FF – I heart Amanda and Neil

No surprise to anyone that knows me that I heart Neil Gaiman. I will even admit there was a microt of time I wished I’d read Stardust before our son Tristan was born (and figured Tristran would put him on equal footing with his sisters Ciara and Caillean *grin*).

I will admit that when I heard Amanda and Neil were getting married back in 2010 (they married in 2011), the extent of my reaction was, “Cool – the girl from Dresden Dolls.” This was pretty all I knew about her at the time.

Amanda + The Boston Pops = Magic!

In the intervening years, after following her on Twitter, Facebook, and Ello, I can now say I heart her as much as Neil. While I haven’t read, “The Art of Asking,” yet, it’s in my Barnes & Noble shopping cart, awaiting the next time I have mad money.

This past Valentine’s Day, there was this –

Now this week, comes this –

It makes my heart almost unreasonably happy that two of my favorite-people-I’ve-never-met are creating a little human. But after a week of so much ugly in news, this is a reminder that beautiful things happen as well.


Bright blessings to you both, and to your latest, amazing creation.

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