FF – I heart Foto Friday 17

Rabbit, rabbit!

Just like last Friday, here are my favorite photos of the week for Foto Friday 17. While I don’t plan to turn Fandom Fridays into Foto Fridays exclusively, for the time being, this is a great way to share some of the gazillion pictures I’m taking with my new camera. After getting carried away for the first month or so, I decided to limit myself to seven photos each week.

Now, on to the photos – these were all taken between June 25th to July 1st.

Foto Friday 17 Bluebird on the garage
Bluebird on the garage
Pink Flower
Pink Flower
Phoebe on the weathervane
Phoebe on the weathervane saying, “Good Morning!”
Orange flower
Orange Flower
Rainy Daisies
Rainy Daisies
Yellow flower
Yellow Flower

BONUS – On Tuesday (which was incredibly grey and gloomy), I was at a local Market Basket with Cailli. As I loaded up the car, this guy/gal hollered at me from a nearby tree, flew over my head, and landed on the closest light post, still yakamouthing at me. I whistled back to him, which made my eldest very happy… NOT. I believe I heard the words, “crazy bird lady” mumbled as I climbed into the car a few minutes later… *grin*

Epping Market Basket Crow 2
Yakamouth Crow
Epping Market Basket Crow 1
Still yakamouthing

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