Feathered Friday – Seagulls from June 19th, 2017

Earlier this week, when the PowerHouseCreatives featured my Wednesday Walk – A wander through someone’s yard last week post for the Daily Rally Upvote, the very kind Sir Stephen (aka @papilloncharity) shared, in a reply to one of my comments, a beautiful capture of a seagull. It reminded me I had a bunch of photos of seagulls from June 19th, 2017, when the eldest and I were visiting my mother, and since I know he appreciates these sometimes misunderstood beauties as much as I do, I thought they’d make a great subject for this week’s Feathered Friday.

I took all of these, plus a whole bunch of other photos from the following day’s visit that I shared before, on Niles Beach in my hometown of Gloucester, MA. These were at around 5:30pm, so the beach was relatively deserted, other than a handful of seagulls and me and my eldest girl.

But before I get started with my latest contribution to the Feathered Friday tag that @melinda010100 has kept flying on the Steem blockchain, be sure to check out the post Melinda did for this week’s Feathered Friday – she has some great captures of a Cardinal, a Grosbeak fledglings, and a Mourning Dove.

Sp now here are 22 never before seen shots from my rather large unedited photo collection (which is different from my other, rather large edited but not published photo collection 😜).

Niles Beach Seagulls from Seagulls from June 19th

Seagulls from June 19th
As we were strolling along the beach, I noticed this little guy strolling along.

Seagulls from June 19th
Seemed like he was in a hurry to get somewhere

Seagulls from June 19th
Wherever he’s doing, he certainly has a spring in his step!

Seagulls from June 19th
Time to strike a pose!

Seagulls from June 19th
He seemed to be very curious as to what I was doing

Seagulls from June 19th
“Hey you guys…”

Seagulls from June 19th
“…is this the one they call the Crazy Bird Lady?”

Seagulls from June 19th
I couldn’t quite heae this guy’s reply, but I’m guessing it was, “Yep, that’s her!”

Seagulls from June 19th
Another guy was wandering down by the water

Seagulls from June 19th
He was more interested in the water than what I was doing

Seagulls from June 19th
Looks like he was contemplating a swim

But as it was still barely summer, the water was kinda chilly…

…after a moment of considering it…

…he quickly changed his mind.

There were a good number of gulls slowly circling the beach, so I had a bunch of chances to get some action shots

It was about 4 months before my Essential Tremors started up, so I managed some decently clear ones without a tripod

It helped that they were slowly riding the breeze

It also helped when they flew with the sunlight behind me, so I could take advantage of nature’s flashbulb.

I caught a break in the clouds too, which was amazing given how cloudy the sky was

Still, the clouds made an awesome backdrop…

… for this pair of feathered beauties.

A zoomed out shot of the pair in the beautifully stormy sky.


Happy Feathered Friday!

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  1. I like to watch seagulls, but they’re very annoying when they wake you up earlier than you wanted to get out of bed.

    Talking of making a noise, there’s been a crow around here for a couple of days.

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