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Because we’re a homeschooling family, we get to hang out together and have family time on a regular basis. Even so, special family nights have evolved over the course of the years, out of a sense of want instead of need (which I find unbelievably cool). Our current family night is Sunday. Whatever we’re doing, whatever is going on (yes, hubby & I will even pause the Patriots game tonight), at about 9:20pm, we gather together in the living room, and watch, “The Walking Dead.”

The reason we wait until after the show starts is because we found we can fast forward through pretty much all the commercials for the rest of the hour. Eight times out of ten, we’ll all stay put through, “The Talking Dead” afterwards, although some of us may leave the room, depending on the circumstances (for example, this month I’ve listened to TTD while catching up on NaNo, and the kids call me out for the sneak peek of the next episode).

Oh, and our kidlets are all teens at the moment – 19, 17, and 14 to be exact. Which means we started watching TWD together when they were 15, 13, and 10. Yes, it’s rated TV-14, but we’ve never regretted our decision to have it be the focus of family night. It’s led to some thought-provoking discussions and has shown us exactly what amazing people we’ve had the privilege to care for.

Now I’m off to grab a couple of boxes of Kleenex and put them near my seat in the living room. Yes, they’re both for me. I’m the designated crier for the whole family, and I do my job with great pride. *grin*

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  1. To put it in perspective, hubby & I went to see “The Lost Boys” for our first movie date. #yeswerethatfamily

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