EXTENDED: the Exxp GIF Reaction Contest with 100 Hive in the Prize Pool

This past week has been crazy hectic in so many ways, so I wasn’t able to promote the Exxp GIF Reaction Contest nearly as much as I’d planned. Or at all, actually…lol! And I know I’m not alone in being short on time, as many people who were excited about entering didn’t end up submitting a tweet. Add to the fact that other topics (*cough* *cough* rhymes with “selection” *cough* *cough*) have been dominating the Twitterverse, it was probably not the most fortuitous time for my contest, judging by how few entries I had.

Or should I say, entry.

Exxp GIF Reaction, oh dear

But at least it was an awesome one from @eve66 – check it out!


Thanks for your wicked cool entry, @eve66!

So I’ve decided to extend this contest another week, since I’ll have more time as of Monday to beg remind people to get their entries in. My plan for the followup contest is to make use of the gifs that people pick/create, but worse case scenario I could put together a bunch myself to use. But I’m hoping that the lure of the 100 Hive prize pool will help nudge some people into action. I’m still mulling over ways to award it as well – I might send @hivetips on Twitter, or Hive to each winner’s wallet, or a combination of both. Or I might do a random drawing. It all depends on how many entries I get. 😊

Oh, and to show how much I appreciate @eve66‘s entry, I’ve sent 5 Hive to her wallet, but that’s not her prize – she’s still in the running for a possible share of the prize pool as well.

Here’s a quick recap of my my original post

Who can enter?

Anyone! Obviously if you’re a current user of the @exxp, it should be easy for you to come up with a reason why you’re excited about the rebranding/revamping and find a matching gif to tweet out, but you can also enter if…

you’re on Hive but don’t have a WordPress blog (or haven’t installed the plugin yet), because you can talk about things like –

  • how much attention Ethereum got for their WP plugin that doesn’t do nearly as much as Exxp (tweet link HERE) and what it could mean for Hive if Exxp got the same exposure.
  • why you’d encourage WordPress bloggers to add Exxp to their blogging tools.
  • what you’d tell people about the benefits of blogging on Hive.

you’re a WordPress blogger who is intrigued by the idea of adding a crypto blog, because you can talk about things like –

  • why you might be interested in the Hive community.
  • your feelings on having a blockchain backup of all your content.
  • what you think about the possibility of monetizing your posts.

Now, to turn those brain nudges into entries, follow the rules below.

To enter the New Exxp Gif Reaction Contest

  • First, follow the Exxp Twitter account.
  • Then, find a gif that represents how you feel about the new Exxp plugin. GIPHY and TENOR are two of the best places to browse for ideas. You can also create one either from scratch, or by modifying an existing gif (ways to do so explained below).
  • Tweet out the gif with an explanation how you feel, using the tags, #WordPress #Blog @exxpio and #Hive (preferably in sentence form). If you’re able to include any other non-Hive tag that’s currently trending, all the better, but you MUST include those 4!
  • Drop the link to your tweet in the comment section of this post (either on Hive or WordPress). I’ll reply with the comment, “Entry confirmed” so you’ll know you’ve been officially entered into the contest.
  • Enter as many times as you like, but only one entry per person into the contest.
  • Contest ends on November 13th, 2020 when this post pays out.
  • OPTIONAL – add your referral link from @exxp‘s dashboard or @hiveonboard‘s site (details in THIS POST) either in the original tweet, or as a reply to it.

That’s it! Follow those first 4 steps, then keep your eyes open after the 13th for the winners announcement post!

Again, to illustrate what I mean, here’s an example tweet that I sent out last week, using a gif I created by adding the Exxp logo to a gif I found on Giphy –


Remember, you don’t have to create a Exxp GIF reaction gif for this contest, just find one to essentially illustrate your tweet. If you’d like to put one together, I have a basic tutorial at the end of my original contest post, and you’re welcome to shout out to me if you have any questions.

Happy creating & tweeting!


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Exxp GIF Reaction

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Exxp GIF Reaction

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