A creature of absolute convictions – My 5 Minute Friday Freewrite Prompt for December 28 2018

As I mentioned last week, I decided to participate in @mariannewest‘s freeWrite prompt every Friday. And who knows? Maybe this will wake up my muse, and I’ll be able to participate more often.

The prompt for today is…

A creature of absolute convictions

Here is my five minutes of writing/five bazillion minutes of editing/angsting result

Creature Comfort

His earliest memory involved meeting Death.

Of course, no one believed him. He didn’t even believe it, or understand it at first. Not until he was older, and by then, Death had proven to be a constant companion.

He could recall being cold, colder than you could ever imagine possible, and hearing someone saying, “He’s blue, doctor” over his mother’s terrified cries. In the corner of his vision, there was a dark figure, seemingly staring at him. He gathered up all the strength in his little lungs and burst out with a cry of, “NO!” (although to everyone in the room, simply sounded like a baby’s cry). The figure receded into the background and before he knew it, he was warm and safe in his mother’s arms.

He saw Death again as a young boy, and afterwards the memory of their first meeting came flooding back. This time, he was playing with friends, creating their own version of tug-o-war which unfortunately included pulling the rope across the roadway. He soon grew tired of holding the heavy rope and tied it around his waist. The folly of his choice became clear when the 1940s Cadillac careened around the corner and plowed into the taunt rope.

Moments before his head hit the unforgiving metal of the car body, he saw the familiar figure watching from the street corner. Once again, he screamed, “NO!” The onlookers believed it was in reaction to being hit, but he knew his dark witness heard him, when the creature turned slowly and walked away.

In the war, Death was always there, standing back, observing, but never beckoning to him, no matter how many times he cried for release from the horrors all around him.

Many years after, he saw him for the final time in the hospital, their journey together coming full circle. Again he felt cold, more cold than he thought humanly possible. However this time, when he saw the shadow at his bedside, he turned to his head towards it and said with a slight chuckle, “My, my, you certainly are a creature of absolute convictions, aren’t you?”

Death merely smiled, and before he knew it, he was warm and safe in loving arms once again.

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creature of absolute convictions

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