Nine Sublime Sunday Shots, Deeply Dreamed

Yep, NaBloPoMo & HiveBloPoMo are over, and I'm still chugging along. I don't think I'll manage another month's worth of daily posting (at least, not until, but I figure I'll keep going for at least the next few days, since I already have a Moon Monday & Tarot Tuesday waiting in the wings. And... Continue Reading →

Seven Sublime Sunday Shots, Dreamed Deeply

One of my favorite things about doing NaBloPoMo/HiveBloPoMo is being reminded, while frantically scrambling for content each day looking through old posts for inspiration, of things like the Deep Dream Generator site. I've been really enjoying rediscovering this cool way of filtering photos, so again today (as I did last week), I'm doing Seven Sublime... Continue Reading →

Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday

I will fully admit this is a panicked, "oh no, it's almost 8pm (when the UTC time for the day ends in my neck of the woods and I'm trying for the @hivebuzz Monthly Author badge) and I haven't posted for today's NaBloPoMo/HiveBloPoMo yet! In my defense, I've been busy today curating for the awesome... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday – May Flowers from 2017

After a tease of springtime weather, today is a gloomy chilly day, and there's even a weather warning up for tomorrow, because of the impending rain/snowstorm gearing up to hit New Hampshire. Granted, at the moment it's more of a nuisance storm and any accumulation won't stick around, but still. So for today's NaBloPoMo/HiveBloPoMo I... Continue Reading →

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