The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday was one of those days. Before this month crammed full of writing began, I had plans that I’d get my daily blogging done and posted before noon, then spend the rest of the day doing fits and spurts of NaNo writing. But my body decided Daylight Savings be dammed, and I slept twelve hours straight for the first time in many, many months. I’m not really surprised – I’ve felt better in the past week than I have for a very long time, and I took full advantage of my energy and clarity of mind to get some long neglected things done. Getting up after noon shot my blog plan down, but I decided not to stress. I figured I had plenty of time before the Patriots kicked off at 4:25pm.

The Universe had other plans, and nineteen million kidlet requests later (okay, technically all three are teenlets, but that word just sounds odd), and a handful or two thousand hubby requests later, it was suddenly kickoff. I tried to be a diligent wordsmith and focus more on my writing than the game, but come on – how can you type when Edelman & company are doing stuff like this?

Edelman's punt return

At any rate, I barely got my NaBloPoMo post done and posted before halftime, but still figured I was doing pretty good.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for at least waiting until the end of the game to knock the power out, but you could’ve been wicked nice and let it come back on before The Walking Dead started! However, I was able to use that time to get my NaNo back on track, thanks to our amazing landlords and the generator they installed last year. I also used the time to start the process of whipping up a couple of loaves of peasant bread for the eldest (it’s easier on her tummy than store bought bread).

Power and cable were back for the 11pm showing, so we waited our customary 20 minutes before watching (so we can fast forward all the commercials) then turned it on. Something about the outage messed up the DVR to the point that hubby had to reset it, and for a time we couldn’t fast forward, so it became a kind of torture to get through, on top of the torture (never fear – no spoilers here) of the episode itself!

But when it was all said and done, I had another 2k added to my word count, we had a couple of yummy smelling loaves of bread cooling on the table (yes, at 1am), we finally made it through the whole show, and we were all in good moods, despite the bumps in the road. I felt incredibly peaceful about the whole day. It wasn’t the one I’d planned, but it turned out better than expected, even with the twists and turns. Bonus – even though breakfast turned out to be brunch, I made an egg bake (I’ve tweaked it a bit) for the first time in about a year, and it was probably the best one I’ve ever made.

Double bonus – I had energy and almost zero pain at bedtime, even though I’d done more than I used to do a few short months ago. Hurray for progress and new plans coming to fruition!

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  1. No worries, Mom – as long as we have electricity (the only thing the generator doesn’t power is the stove), I’ll make the bread at a reasonable hour. 😀

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