Answering the #BeerSaturday challenge from the @BitcoinDood

While I do like the occasional glass of wine, I consider myself more of a beer girl. So when @the-bitcoin-dood shouted out in his recent post with a #BeerSaturday challenge, I was happy to answer the call!

Since it’s my first, I thought I’d start off with my general beer thoughts and preferences.

My first beers

While I’m not admitting to having any beer during my high school and early college days (which might be directly related to the fact my mother is probably reading this), I will say that my early tastes were rather eclectic. As is, whatever beer was available was my obvious beverage du jour.

I’m not sure at what point I ended up with a six pack of Guinness in my dorm room’s mini fridge, but it soon became apparent that it was not appealing to my friends who regularly raided it. I do admit it was an acquired taste, but pretty soon (partly because of knowing it wouldn’t disappear as fast as others…lol) it became my favorite to request when someone was making a packie run. After I grew to love it, I used to try to convince my friends it wasn’t just a drink, it was food for the soul, but I’m fairly certain they didn’t believe me.

#BeerSaturday challenge
Hmmm, there’s something wrong with this picture, bud I can’t put my finger on it…

The photo above was taken one evening in August, 2015 while I was waiting at a local restaurant for our monthly writers group to start.

Over the years, thanks in large part to my husband’s habit of saying, “here, try this” I’ve expanded my preference for dark beers to include all sorts, even the occasional IPA. In fact recently, he teased me because he found a six pack at Market Basket of an IPA, and my reaction was essentially, “yeah, you enjoy that hon.” Next time we went shopping & I suggested he look for another six pack of it… yep, he got a good chuckle out of it.

the #BeerSaturday challenge Sam Adams New England IPA
The aforementioned Sam Adams New England IPA.

Another thing that is thanks to my husband is that he occasionally gets some cool & interesting tips from his customers (somewhere, I think I have some pictures of the shot glass checkers board…lol!). Every now and again, he brings home something tasty to try, and when I look for a place to buy more of it, I appreciate the customer’s gesture even more when I discover how expensive it it and/or how far we’d have to travel to get it. Case in point…

the #BeerSaturday challenge moutain mout imperial stout
If we wanted to get another can of this Imperial Stout, we’d have to travel about two hours north, and I don’t even want to think about how much it probably costs.

Okay, I think that about covers it for today. Thanks for the #BeerSaturday challenge, @the-bitcoin-dood! For details, be sure to check out the weekly post – the current one is, #BeerSaturday – week 178 – calls everyone to join and win by @detlev (a Hive community member from Germany).

And for my #BeerSaturday challenge, I’d like to invite @fionasfavourites to write a post about beer (minimum 3 pictures, in any language). While I know she’s not a fan, I figure since her father used to make his own, she might have some old photos laying around and an story or two about his process. Especially since she’s doing HiveBloPoMo, and might need a topic or three for the next sixteen days… 😊


#BeerSaturday challenge

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#BeerSaturday challenge

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